KISSology II - special disc The RitZ NYC, August 1988

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KISSology II - special disc The RitZ NYC, August 1988

Postby Dan bach » Sun Sep 02, 2007 7:41 pm

Just been watching this .... thanks Raydeen for shipping this over to me. You are a gent.

The Ritz as a venue I have heard so much about - OZZY's Talk of the Devil dates in '82, punk gigs etc as well as a dance club.

The stage looks so tiny with Eric's Ludwig powerhouse drum kit on there ....

Gene looks awkward on such a tiny stage whereas Paul excells even when he has guitar technical problems during Crazy, Crazy Nights.

I think the seeds of a club tour were sown in Paul's mind after these club dates just before the huge '88 Monsters of Rock tour - for those who witnessed the band at the "opening that night" new Marquee. Paul is so at ease up there ....

The quality of the picture is not that good, but I presume it's a pro shot because of all the video effect and dual camera image merging. I haven't got this on any format - but presuming the drum solo is cut again .... just before War Machine.

Bruce is starting to shake his "the tree" image. (no pun intended)

Eric's vocals on Black Diamond and backing vocals on other songs are great.

I am open to criticism on my views - but I am really taken aback by this performance. 4 guys with a marshall amp backline with a thousand or so manic fans to boot - that's what r'n'r is all about.

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