Zurich 20-06-13

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Zurich 20-06-13

Postby TONYSOUTH » Fri Jun 21, 2013 4:32 pm

Hi All, just got back from Zurich, I have to say I was dissappointed with the gig in Denmark :shock: but the forum meet up was great :D However this time I was on my Jack Jones (billy no mates) but I have to say the Zurich gig was excellent (the best I have seen in many years) maybe because it was being screened live back to the US :?:

Got to Hallenstadion about 5 and sat across the road at the Holiday Inn having a few beers, got in the gig about 6:30, great venue a lot bigger than the Forum in Copenaghen :D The support were a Led Zep rip off band (in my opinion sh*t) :!: Some right arseholes by me, one young tw*t pissed in a beer pot and dropped it on the floor (w*nker) the people around him took it into our own hands and got the sercuity to remove him and he's two mates :D

When KISS took to the stage the spider was in full working order :D The band looked up for it and even if it was the same set list, it was a great show, they were really tight and looked to be enjoying theseselves :D Yes I agree Paul's voice is not as good as it once was :!: but he is a real showman and Gene was also on top of his game, Tommy started "Shock Me" but quickly went into "Outta This World" and gave it to the crowd.

The gig went just like that, I think it was because I was enjoying so much, it a small world because to Guy next to me was from the black country and was there for the KISS and Iron Maiden gig, had a great time singing along with him and the young lady with him to Rock and Roll all nite and party everyday. When we were waiting for KISS to return we had a chat about the Robin Bilston :lol:

The encore was electric and at the end some blokes behind me through two Swiss flags on the stage (sorry I don't take photos I just enjoy the gig) got outside after the show and the rain was hammering it down and got wet through on the way back to the hotel but I didn't care, I was so high after the the best KISS gig for years (sorry I have already said that) but after the dissappointment of Denmark this was Outta This World :wink: I can't believe the difference between the two gigs :twisted: I REALLY HOPE I GET THE CHANCE TO SEE THEM AGAIN :D
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