KISSINUK Members Page

Any major updates to the site will be posted here. Also please post any ideas you have for the site.
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KISSINUK Members Page

Postby SpaceWivAce » Thu Oct 16, 2008 3:20 pm

I really think the KISSINUK members forum needs a good clean ppl have signd up zero posts viagra, mortgage, hotels shameless promotion, ppl who just browse, if its NEWS! can't there be a news feed where KISSINUK mods, or members login and post news so it goes str8 onto the site?

Take a look yourself u see what i mean?

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Re: KISSINUK Members Page

Postby kissinuk » Thu Oct 16, 2008 7:37 pm

Yeah, it's called the main site -
Currently very very very behind in updates but I hope to vastly improve that shortly (work has been far too busy recently...)

As for the memers list you realise that is is manual job that would take me ages!!! I will try to have a look later but I can't just delete people with zero posts as there are genunie people who sign up and only view the forums.

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Re: KISSINUK Members Page

Postby SpaceWivAce » Thu Oct 16, 2008 8:42 pm

of course I know what is lolz I been goin here since year 2000 or yea we are very very very behind in updates, hecne do u think it's a good idea for just a few people to post news if and when?

A manual job yikes yes true about ppl who view the forums I agree its a headache to deal with.

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Re: KISSINUK Members Page

Postby kingjames1970 » Thu Oct 16, 2008 10:21 pm

Until I saw your post, I had never even noticed the members page before. And I've been coming here at least as long as you have. Who really uses it and why? Curious and wonder if it would be worth the effort?

On your other point about updates to the front page, I would actually say without a full-time journalist that can do some digging and get some original interviews/stories etc, I don't think there is much it could contain that couldn't be found elsewhere. I know sometimes there are competitions and some stuff only relevant to the UK but I think what Paul has done is actually create and foster a real community here.

I think that this place works as well as it does because it really works on the principle of user-generated content. Look how many new links, articles, photos, youtube movies, comments and opinions are added everyday. I think this site is self-perpetuating and normally with a minimal level of moderation.

If I was in charge of this site I think I would be struggling to find material for news when we now have KOL, band member websites etc and all the content that gets put up in the forums. Maybe I'd actually give up on the news altogether and maybe just run some special features from time-to-time?

Some stuff that has been in the forums recently has been fascinating:
*diaries and recollections of old tours/signings
*reviews and experiences of Ace and Kiss gigs this year
*fave and disliked albums/songs/members/tours/costumes

Regular posters could be asked/commissioned (for free obviously) to contribute. Nobody would expect it to be hard work so it wouldn't need to be a 'professional' standard just a labour of love!

Anyway, just my idea as a reaction to your post. I just jump directly to the forums now, I skip the front page completely and I might not be the only one who does that!

PS. I find poor spelling/grammar/punctuation and too much 'text speak' harder to digest that viagra spam. I shouldn't have to re-read a post several times to make sense of it. Nobody expects perfect English but I think some people could try previewing their posts before submitting them just to make sure it actually reads ok.

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