Newcastle Show Reports Thread

Please post all your show reports and pictures here!
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Re: Newcastle Show Reports Thread

Postby mickb2112 » Tue May 04, 2010 10:28 pm


Here`s my review posted to Metal Express Radio: ... ws&id=3291" onclick=";return false;

and here`s a link to my Flickr site with more pictures of a higher resolution:" onclick=";return false;

Please fell free to post any comments on either site.



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Re: Newcastle Show Reports Thread

Postby RippingFleshFromBone » Tue May 04, 2010 10:59 pm

Ok, why did I bother! To say KISS are just rehashing the same old stuff is putting it mildly. Same old, same old with a few bits thrown in. Like big deal. TT = yawn...PS sounds like a cat on heat. Give me the old days...cos this is piss poor. Simple as. Lord, I have 5 more shows to do as well...the horror of it all is just becoming too much to bear. KISS is dead...long live KISS.

I bet that's what a few of you on here would expect 'cos all I ever do is criticise, isn't it? Well, unlike a few on here who think the sun shines out of KISS's collective arses and can do no wrong, I took my KISS blinkers off years ago. But, I can also say when something actually is worth praising then it gets praise. And the first 2 nights of this tour simply blew me away. This pisses all over ALIVE 35. Old staid 35 year old set list's are gone! On these shows I saw a new KISS, and no I'm not gonna say it is better than of old but it IS a different beast to last time. New songs, new show, new costumes and overall a fantastic night. Is it my fav shows or tour? No. 1980/1983/1992 & 1996 will always be hard to top for me but stage show wise this is the best since Revenge. The entrance is just brilliant (even if it is nicked from The Jonas Bros!!!...see the thread on it) and the songs are played exceptionally well. Paul's voice is holding up the TT/ES joint solo...Say Yeah is simply stunning and good to see it get the pyro treatment unlike in the USA. The effects are just brill to! Love the big bombs!!!!!

Down side? No surprises here as I think Crazy Night was just awful, especially at Sheffield. When it started it sounded like a durge...just awful. Went down really well with the crowds tho...oh well!!!! Animal is not good live but others seem to like it. Matter of opinion I guess. Me, I think it's just too's like Within, it just doesn't work live. I am so bored of 100,000 Years & ILIL. Eric's bazooka was just cringe-worthy!!! Funny as hell...but why!!!!!!?????? And of course my fav bug bear TT still being made to play Ace's guitar solos... :roll: Can't say it bothered me as much as last time but that's cos I know what to expect and it ain't gonna deal with it!!!!... :lol: Lastly, Modern Day Deliah is not a show opener. Simple as. No defence can be offered!

As others have said NEWCASTLE had the edge over Sheffield. No flames during Deuce at Sheffield but they came back at Newcastle. Can't say I noticed any other difference in the show.

I am really looking forward to the rest of the shows and am now even considering a trip to Europe also, tho I doubt I can afford it in truth!


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