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Wally & Jugs
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Postby Wally & Jugs » Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:30 am

Buenos dias amigos,greetings from Madrid.

Where do we start,.. Went to check out the venue.Got there & there's people camping on the tarmac !, queuing to get in already and its only 11am & 30 degrees-nutters. :shock:
Thats not for us,so its time to do the touristy bit & find the Hard Rock Cafe where we hope to meet up with another intrepid traveler.The Kiss army Spain are there in force promoting the after show meet & greet which was sold out & then in walks two guys who we met in Vienna,small world eh?
After a few slurps contact is made with Karl! :D In he walks sun burnt & smiling but he cant sit down due 700 miles in the saddle of his bike :lol:
He tells us about Hellfest & Martins legs(ouch,thats gotta hurt!).
A few more slurps and its off to the gig,we're standing and he's seated,so we say our goodbyes and in we go.
The show was fantastic with the same set as Arnhem and played with the same energy and enthusiasm,with lots of football chanting ole,ole ole,ole led by Paul not to mention quantana mera about four times.The band loved it nearly as much as the sold out crowd in this boiling hot arena,it was so hot that many people were being carried out by the medical teams having fainted in the sweltering heat.
Another fantastic show,we think they,re actually getting better each night(if thats possible)!!
So thats it for us on another European tour :cry: :cry:
Have a save trip home Karl.may your bum recover soon

W & J

Wally & Jugs

Dan bach
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Postby Dan bach » Wed Jun 23, 2010 12:35 pm

Glad W, J and K had a great time.

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Postby Karl » Fri Jun 25, 2010 8:29 am

I think this gig was the best one I have seen on the tour.

The arena was packed solid, and the crowd were much more into it, best description was "frenzied".

My Madrid trip started from St Malo, with a quick overnight trip to Hellfest to meet up with Martin & Adam Curtis, before departing Clisson for the relative comfort of a hotel bed in Bayonne. I didn't sleep for one second at Hellfest, so left the camp site around 7am for the 7 hour ride to Bayonne. As soon as I got there, I had a beer, a meal, and then retreated to bed for the 6 hour ride into Madrid.

Arriving in Spain, had a quick run in with the local police for stopping in an area I shouldn't have been in, but once that was sorted, I was on my way, getting to the hotel at 1.30pm. As soon as I got off the bike and checked in to the hotel, I got in contact with W&J and arranged a meet up for later in the afternoon. Was great to see them again, and we enjoyed a few drinks before the show (only coke for me).

A quick trip on the tube to the arena, and we were ready to rock. All until we actually went to enter the venue, when security declined me entrance to the arena, as I had purchased a souvenir pint glass from the Hard Rock Cafe. They sent me to the box office to hand it in for collection later, whilst W&J went in to find a decent vantage point. Box office were about as useful as a chocolate fire-guard, and wouldn't take the glass from me, so I was faced with a choice of binning the new purchase, or taking it back to the hotel. The hotel won the decision, so of I wondered back through the crowded streets to find the hotel :(

Back to the arena, I had now missed most of the opening act (not too worried about that really), but found my seat and waited for the band to hit the stage.
As I said above, the crowd were so up for this show, and were very vocal with it, which created an electric atmosphere! The band responded to this, and gave 110%.
Easily the best show I have seen in the last seven years :!:

Upon Kiss leaving the stage, I high tailed it back to the hotel and got packed up ready for the morning.

Alarm went off at 5am, so up, shower and check out, before starting what was to be the biggest ride of my life, 15 hours from Madrid to Mothers house in Brittany, France. Only stopping for fuel, food, smoke and toilet breaks. I left the hotel at 5.30am, and arrived at Mum's at 8.30pm, having covered just over 800 miles during day :!: :!: :!:

Was it worth it :?:


Thanks to Martin, Adam, Chris & Sarah for making this a trip I will never forget. Respect guys :mrgreen:

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