Here's the setlist from the latest show on the Kruise. Very similar to the first night with the exception of Deuce instead of Strutter. Some great songs on there though including Rock and Roll Hell & Keep Me Comin'.

Let's hope some of these make their way to the UK. Shortly...

Creatures of the Night
Keep Me Comin'
Detroit Rock City
Calling Dr. Love
Wouldn't You Like to Know Me
I Love It Loud
Rock and Roll Hell
Cold Gin
Hotter Than Hell
War Machine
Love Gun
God of Thunder
Shout It Out Loud
Black Diamond
Deuce (Strutter on 1st night)
Rock and Roll All Nite

The Dead Daisies will once again board the KISS Kruise for the ‘Creatures of the Deep’ journey in November.

After a third successful album ‘Make Some Noise’ which has entered the top ten in rock charts globally, the band will be playing the Kruise for the first time with new guitar player Doug Aldrich, famed for his lengthy spell with Whitesnake.

The band completed a month on the road with KISS on their ‘Freedom to Rock’ Tour in September, and will continue through Europe in November and December with a co-headline tour with Irish band ‘The Answer’ kicking off in Aberdeen on the 12th November.

Go to for all the tour information.

As we mentioned back in August, there's a new KISS comic on the way from Dynamite Entertainment. However it turns out there not just one, but two! Dynamite have another comic on the way in January and this time it's called "KISS: The Demon" themed all around Gene. This one is from Erik Burnham and co-written by Amy Chu (who is also responsible for the October release).

KISS The Demon comic

From the press release:

“I am so excited to collaborate on The Demon with friend and fellow writer Erik Burnham. He’s written a ton of great stuff: X-Files, Scarlet Spider, and Ghostbusters for Marvel, IDW, Image, and others,” says co-writer Amy Chu. “I figured this was a great opportunity to tell a really different kind of story, and it’s awesome that Dynamite is letting us do it! Our aim is to build an incredible backstory for the current KISS series, and answer a lot of the origin questions (like, ‘Who is Mr. Blackwell?’), and push the envelope of the KISS comics franchise.”

“KISS has never just been a band. Our comic book history has been long and proud and has spanned decades, and now with Dynamite Entertainment, we intend to go even further,” says Gene Simmons. “When we get a great writer and artist team, we know better than to micromanage. We stay out of the way. Everyone involved wanted to take our personas and do classic KISS comic books, and with Amy Chu writing, this will be an adventure the fans will absolutely love.”

“I will reiterate, Gene is a rock star in every sense, and an incredible storyteller and showman. I couldn’t think of a better way to expand our line of KISS comics than to tackle stories of the individual characters,” said CEO and publisher, Nick Barrucci. “The Demon is one of the most iconic characters in music and comics, and a great candidate for the first spinoff series. The fact that we could keep Amy on-board, co-writing with Erik Burnham and joined by our very own Eman Cassallos, helps continue the quality that we’re establishing with the main KISS series.”

It's hard to believe but it's 20 years ago today since I started KISSin' UK! Shortly after Donington in 1996 I was fed up of not being able to find any UK KISS news online, so I decided to try and do something about it. Back then we didn't even have the domain, we were based at a Demon address which can still be seen over at the Wayback Machine.

I've been very lucky to be involved with the site for so long and I'm very grateful to everyone who has helped along the way, from people helping with articles, the forum, reviews, photos, competitions and lots more. Pretty sure 20 years now makes us the longest running KISS site under single ownership in the whole world!

Some special shout-outs go to:

  • Everyone who has contributed and helped over the past 20 years, including Dan Bach, Daniel Hill (his NYC article is still to this day one of the most visited pages), Martin Wombwell, Nick Smith, Giorgio, all of Dressed To Kill, Terri Bey, all the forum Mods over the years, Darren Wells, Dino, Keith Leroux, Mike Brandvold and everyone else I've missed!
  • All my family who have helped out through the years, especially my wife Wendy who wrote one of the first reviews on the site from the NEC show in 1996 (which was on her birthday, lucky her!). Plus my sister Michelle for running the show along with Dan Bach many years ago and my daughter & parents for putting up with my obsession.
  • All the friends I've made on the way, KISS fans are without doubt the nicest people you can ever meet anywhere in the world.
  • Every single member of KISS who have inspired me since I became a fan in 1991, Paul, Gene, Ace, Peter, Eric, Vinnie, Mark, Bruce, Eric & Tommy
  • And of course everyone who has visited the site over the years.

Some highlights for me include being invited backstage, attending a backstage party, press conferences, meeting Gene & Shannon on The One Show, Gene's business talk, interviewing the late Mark St John, interviewing Peter and Ace, meeting Bruce and a whole lot more.

I have no idea how long I'll continue the site, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts. Cheers!



What a great start to a bank holiday weekend, KISS Rocks Vegas Blu-Ray and DVD are out today!

1. Detroit Rock City
2. Creatures of the Night
3. Psycho Circus
4. Parasite
5. War Machine
6. Tears are Falling
7. Deuce
8. Lick it Up
9. I Love it Loud
10. Hell or Hallelujah
11. God of Thunder
12. Do You Love Me?
13. Love Gun
14. Black Diamond
15. Shout it Out Loud
16. Rock and Roll All Night

1. Comin’ Home
2. Plaster Caster
3. Hard Luck Woman
4. Christine Sixteen
5. Goin’ Blind
6. Love Her All I Can
7. Beth