10 Years of KISSin' UK

Unbelievably this site has been running for 10 years!!!! Back on the 29th August 1996 I launched a couple of pages on some free webspace as there was no other source of UK KISS news. 10 years later the site is still running strong - mainly thanks to the many people that have submitted news & reviews over the years.

10 years is a long time to run any website, I just can't believe that in that time KISS have only been here a handful of times, the most recent being in 1999! 

So what's the future for the site? Well I'm struggling to keep the news page up to date as much as I would like so I am on the lookout for some news reporters to help out. See the post below for more info. I am also hoping to have a new competition running shortly and a review of the album we've all been waiting for - Paul Stanleys Live To Win.

Here's a bit of trivia from the past 10 years about the site:-

  • The site was started after being blown away by KISS at Donington '96.
  • The first article to appear was a review of Bruce's guitar clinic in Birmingham, closely followed by a Donington review.
  • Literally hundreds of pounds worth of prizes have been given away for free. The best of which were several sets of 4 remasters Lick It Up -> Crazy Nights.
  • The original text under the site logo read:
    "While KISS remain the 'Hottest Band In The World' you sometimes wonder why the hell they get so little coverage over here in the UK. This site tries to document anything about KISS that is UK related, you can be sure that any book, video or TV program that appears on these pages is easily available over here in Britain. I'll also be covering the new projects of my god - Bruce Kulick, including reviews of his European tour last Summer."
  • This site costs a fair bit of money (and time!) to run. Some of this is recouped by us hosting some other sites, these include Rentacar3000 (this one is also designed by us), Equine Sport Massage & Small and Ginger(!).
  • We've had mentions in both the press (full page article on the Mirror in '97, quoted by Iain Lee in the Guardian, plus reviews of the site in a few computer mags) as well as getting a mention on Radio 1 once.
  • We also own ericcarr.co.uk an Eric Carr tribute site in desperate need on an update!
  • I put in a bid for kiss.co.uk earlier this year but someone else beat me to it... If I was to get it then I was planning to rebrand the site.
  • What next? Paul & Gene interviews would be great, if I get those then maybe, just maybe my work here is done....

Anyway, thanks a million to everyone who has visited the site over the past 10 years, now all we need is for KISS TO GET THEIR ARSES BACK OVER HERE!!

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