Hey All You Carnies,
I just revamped my Website "JAZAN WILD Official Site" and my Myspace Account"JAZAN WILD MySpace"

I also would like to announce that I have decided to start my own
comic book and music company. "Carnival Comics" and "Carnival Music!"
I have been contacted by several people asking about the Diamond Ads that have my books coming out through Simmons Comics Group (Gene Simmons new comic book
company). I still can't really comment about it yet. All I can say, is that I worked with Gene Simmons for 4 months or so and I was writing a series to be called House Of Horrors. To my knowledge these titles will not be coming out, this Halloween with Simmons Comics Group. I hope I'm wrong  and they do, but it's not my call. Now The Show Must Go On!

I grew up admiring Gene and the day I started working with him on the Simmons Comic Group project was a dream come true. As a kid, I remember Gene and Kiss always saying "you could be anything you wanted to be."
 I believed them and they changed my life!
I'll Be Forever Thankful!
Here are the ads from Diamond Previews comic book ordering
magazine. This was one of my proudest moments ever!

See A 8 Page Sneak Peek At Jazan Wild's Funhouse Of Horrors
(What was to be the book released this Halloween)