Bob Brunson
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A&E's Gene Simmons Family Jewels-Ultimate KISS Fan enlisting the KISS
Army & Hollywood to write & record the Ultimate Tribute Song

Bob Brunson, The Ultimate KISS Fan as seen on A&E/Gene Simmon's Family
Jewels, is launching a fan-based song-writing project and promotion
called... "Friends With Painted Faces." tm

The idea is to have KISS fans everywhere write down and email, in a few
lines, what KISS has meant to them over the years.  Brunson will use
this input to compose and record a tribute song for the band.  "This was
one of several ideas I'd mentioned to Gene during the taping of Family
Jewels, and something I feel is extremely appropriate for a band that
has meant so much to its fans for such a long time now, including me!"
said Brunson.

In addition, Brunson is actively seeking/soliciting several well-known
Hollywood producers to help with the arrangement and production of the
song.  "Given where KISS is in its career, as well as Gene's promotional
savvy, I want to really maximize the visibility and credibility of the
project, positioning it for inclusion in Family Jewels Season 2, and/or
Gene's forthcoming Box Set/Greatest Hits!" said Brunson.

Brunson hopes to have this project in full swing before the holiday
season, and to be in the studio by first quarter 2007.  Bob has just
launched his own website, which is also serving as home base for this
promotion.  For more information go to

"To my knowledge this has never been done.  What better way to celebrate
three decades of  fans by embracing and utilizing their accolades. It's
really a win-win situation," said Brunson.

About Bob Brunson
Brunson is a 20+year veteran in the marketing & advertising arena.  In
addition to appearing on A&E's Gene Simmons Family Jewels, he has
scripted and appeared in several TV & radio commercials and recorded a
commercial soundtrack for cable TV. Additionally, he is an accomplished
singer/songwriter/guitarist who has fronted several groups, penned
numerous songs and books, as well as scripted/pitched several TV shows. 
Brunson currently works for an advertising agency in Orange County,
California, where he resides with his wife and 3 children.