Dwight Fry has sent in a Gene Simmons article from The Mail on Sunday's "Night And Day - LIVE" magazine, dated Sunday 31.12.06.  Here it is, transcribed;


If a guy knows anything about brand names he's either gay or English.  I am absolutely oblivious to labels.  I've no idea who makes my clothes.  I'm very tactile and go by touch: if it feels good, I'll have it.  Silk and leather are big for me - but I'll have to be careful because you've almost got me talking fabrics...

I hate shopping.  I've got a short attention span and start sweating when someone says, 'Can I help you?'.  The answer is always, 'No'.  Shannon, my partner, buys most of my clothes.  I just open the wardrobe and they're there like magic.

It's ironic that now I can afford to buy nice clothes, I get them free.  It's amazing how much gear is just delivered to me.  They try to personalise it by adding my signature demon or making things for my kids, Nick and Sophie.  I hardly need to go shopping.  Where were all these people 30 years ago when I was dirt poor?

KISS would never go within a thousand miles of a stylist.  You have to go on gut instinct.  We never agreed a 'look' but something in all of us went for similar stuff.  Humans hubt in packs, like animals, and there's a recognition factor.  You can't wear huge platforms, fully loaded codpieces and full make-up and just expect to pull it off.  It only works if it's inside you.

Superstars always dress like tramps.  You can tell if someone's a real star by how they dress.  Stars have a two-to three-day beard growth and look like vagrants.  It's the anti-fashion thing.

I came up with the 'heavy metal' style.  Back in '72, nobody had even seen people wearing studded collars, leathers and eight-inch platforms.  We got the dog collars from pet shops, took studded leather belts and made them into guitar straps, and had boots specially made by this little Italian guy in New York.

I never worry about whether my clothes are fashionable.  I've always had plenty of confidence in how I look.  Clothes are easy for men, anyway - there's none of this 'what does this outfit say about me and is it flattering?'.  You just put it on and go out.

Men should leave colour to women.  There are few real men around now.  I stick to dark colours, black mainly, though I will favour a deep purple or blue.  Apparently, there's a colour called 'mauve' that I've been hearing about... it's a bit like purple.  Why not call it purple?  What's the point of mauve?

Being in KISS is my exercise regime.  When I'm performing at a gig I can lose between three and five pounds in a single night.  Over the course of a tour I might drop as much as 15lb.  When the mood takes me I do a bit of tae kwon-do and kickboxing, but exercise isn't something I'm hung up about.

You won't catch me messing with skincare.  I'm a soap and water only guy.  I've got swarthy, oily skin, and soap and water's fine.

I don't have a single piercing or tattoo.  People are often surprised to hear that.  And any earrings you've seen me in are clip-ons.

Interview by Stephanie Smith 'Gene Simmons' Family Jewels' is on the Biography Channel from January 22 at 10pm.


Interestingly, despite Gene stating "If a guy knows anything about brand names he's either gay or English.  I am absolutely oblivious to labels.", in a sidebar of the article he mentions his favourite type of denim jeans, his favourite t-shirt designer, and the fact that he wears 'I Love Indy' caps.  So one is left to ponder; Gene Simmons - gay or English?!