My name is Thierry, I live in France and I'm a long time KISS fan. I met Eric CARR in 1988, [click here] I think you already seen the model kit of his drum kit in the KISStory book and in the KISS my ass video. Now I create my company, a toy collector company. I come back with a project with the agreement of Loretta CARAVELLO, Eric's sister. 

LIMITED TOYS DESIGN is proud to present his first figure based on Eric CARR, KISS’s drummer from 1980 to 1991.
We worked on the development of this prototype. Our project will consist in creating this 12” figure as an official limited edition of 150 pieces with a certificate of authenticity numbered.
It’s a 12 inch figure, fully articulated (30 points of articulation). The costume is in real fabric, some fur on the platform boots and the collar, and near 900 rhinestones are need to respect with care the original costume of Eric CARR. The box is covered with imitation
We don’t know if a collector like this one will  the fans of Eric CARR and KISS. We are waiting for your feedback.
You can find more pictures and informations on our website