Bill Baker, a KISS fan since his teen years, became friends with Ace Frehley and was also his guitar and amp tech from 1990 to 1995, just opened his site: 

Bill, who also during that time fronted his own tribute band, "Fractured Mirror", the only non-makeup Ace Frehley Tribute Band to ever have surfaced! He obtained many one-of-a-kind items directly from the Space Ace that he would display at Kiss Conventions. His story is shown in the film "Kiss Loves You" that will be coming out on DVD soon. He's been working on a 124 page color photo book showing off his collection of images and memorabilia titled: "Ace Frehley: The Ultimate Fan Scrapbook". This book is tentatively due out sometime late in 2007.

Bill will also be a special guest at the 21st Annual NY Kiss Expo on May 5th, 2007. Check out for more information and to visit this "playground for Ace fans".