Last week I got this message from Gina, a very close friend of Mark St John, she has kindly given me permission to publish it here. I was choked to read some of her words!


 Hi Paul, my name is Gina and I just felt a need to write. I was the last person to see Mark alive. On August 29th of last year Mark and I reunited after 35 years and I had been with him everyday since he passed. I had known him since the 3rd through 8th grade. He was my first love and will be my last love. I had less than a year with him and still mourn for him everyday. His brother Michael called me last week to say he was going to Japan for a Kiss reunion and he also has some footage of Mark for me. I had never seen him perform on stage. He always played for me and the last song he played and sang for me,I believe is a lennon song called "Working Class Hero's" and Mark played and sang it beautifully.I believe Green Day did a remake of it.

Mark St. John was computer illiterate, like myself but I was able to go online to show him articles about him and he specified that he enjoyed the interview he did with you Paul. He spoke highly of you, thought you might want to know that. He also got a kick out of someone who  taped him playing with The Torpedo Girls? They posted it on you tube
and he couldn't believe it.He was the most kindest and giving man in the world. My son Robby is 17yrs. old and plays professional paintball for the team San Diego Aftermath,who have won the world cup in Florida the last two years.When I told my son that I was seeing Mark, I asked him if he wanted an autograph picture of him and he said"a picture,Mom if you are seeing Mark St. John,I want an autographed electric guitar". Last Christmas Robby received an electric guitar made and signed by Mark St. John.I will share more with you soon.

Sleep with the Angels Skippy,but don't get fresh!! Bye for now...Gina