The Mike Stone Band will open the new live season this month! From 19. - 24.09.2007 we will travel to several locations in europe, so just have an eye on the tour informations on the several homepages. Besides that I prepare again some KISS Tribute activities in october and november with my ROCKET RIDE band- by just coming back to some fun, rock'n'roll and "family- meets'n'greetz" with so many fine, nice and cool people of the european KISS scene. 

  To start this month with an extra bonus, Rumen, Anja and me would like
to introduce our second studio recording to you. It is our coop- composition "Nothing lasts forever" that we firstly planned for TIME, but now decided to release it already now under our own solo names. This song will surely be the opener of the next shows. You can listen to it over here
  The tour band will be
  Anja Assmuth, drums
  Rumen Iliev, guitar & vocals
  Mike Stone,  bass & vocals
  Big John Ralf, tour manager & master of desaster
  so in this case the bunch of crazy people who performed and recorded several times since the first time in Prague with the House of Lords.
  So far looking forward to meet ya again somewhere on the road, take care and all the best
  Mike Stone
Sep 19 2007  8:00P  Schwabinger Podium  Munich           
Sep 21 2007  10:00P  Lehmitz, Reeperbahn  Hamburg, Hamburg           
Sep 23 2007  8:00P  Backstage  Deventer            Oct 27 2007  8:00P 
Kohlfurth Festival  Solingen            Nov 24 2007  8:00P  ECGM
Festival  Kropp, Schleswig-Holstein

  Watch out for these homepages: (belgian fanpage)