Bill Baker is back with his October updates to his "ACE FREHLEY Archives" website!

Pages from my upcoming book, 'ACE FREHLEY : The Ultimate Fan Scrapbook' are now online for viewing. "I am trying to have the book completed before Christmas 2007, which means I'll have it early in 2008, and I'm offering the fans a sneak peak at some of the pages now so you can see I'm really working on it."

"I've also been digging around my collection and found some footage from a rare outdoor Ace show from Suntan Lake, NJ 1994. This footage has been remastered by The ACE FREHLEY archives webmaster Matt C with soundboard audio. This video is definitely worth a look for all you ACE FREHLEY Fans."

There is also footage of the worlds only ACE FREHLEY Archive Museum. Fans might remember Bill's ACE FREHLEY Museum he displayed at various conventions from 1993-1996. Check out what used to be Bill's collection! And finally, I have some pages dedicated to the king of rock 'n' roll, Elvis, and one of the bands he is following now, called HIM. I think KISS fans will love them. Check them out!!!

Stay tuned for information on a new remastered Fractured Mirror DVD set that Matt is working on, more photos from the upcoming scrapbook, and some more rare never before seen Ace footage. Go to or to see it all.