Bill Baker is back with a final update for 2007 to his Ace Frehley Archives site -

We have just added 2 new clips to the Ace media page. First up we have Rock Soldiers (with Ace's solo) live from the 'Rock Horse' in Asbury Park, NJ 1992, along with She from "L'Amour' in Brooklyn NY 1994.
Has everyone checked out my youtube page? Well I've added 3 more youtube only exclusive clips. Cold Gin, 2 Young 2 Die and New York Groove. Make sure you check them out at
With Christmas just around the corner what better way to celebrate than with some Ace Frehley prints or maybe even a replica Lightning Bolt guitar strap. Please check my sale items page out for all things Ace.
Just like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. Thanks very much for everyone that has come by and visited the site, and a big thanks to all the websites out there that support The Ace Frehley Archive!
Thank ya... Thank ya very much,
Bill Bake