Wishes 4 Kids is a charity based in Leicestershire, England which was created to grant a wishes terminally ill or disadvantaged children. Tonight in Hinckley a very special concert took place in conjunction with The Junior Academy Of Music to raise awareness of the charity and to help raise some money. As part of the concert a very cool KISS tribute took the stage and sang their own rendition of Crazy Crazy Nights.

One of the members of the band was a very special 10 year old called Luke. Luke suffers from cerebral palsy and yet with help from the Academy has learnt to hold a drumstick and keep a beat. As can be seen from the photos Luke had a blast playing Crazy Crazy Nights, even though he made it clear this isn't his favourite song (which happens to be Modern Day Delilah!). He comes from a family of KISS fans with both himself and his brother Matthew being "introduced" to them by their Dad (sounds familiar!).

This is where KISS come into it, with help from KISS Online, Eric Singer was informed about Luke and provided him with several signed photos and some signed drum sticks. I am always amazed at how KISS treat their fans and this was no exception. The presentation took place after the song and Luke was a very very happy 10 year old, I asked him if he knew who Eric was and straight away he answered "er yeah, he's the KISS drummer". Luke was then presented with a special custom air-brushed shirt from Nick Smith, his eyes again lit up when he saw the shirt, somehow I think he'll be very attached to his early KISSmas presents!

Huge thanks to Keith Leroux, Eric Singer & Nick Smith for helping make this little boys night. And of course to Rachel and Dave from the Junior Academy, Russell from Wishes 4 Kids, all the kids & teenagers who took part in the KISS tribute and especially to Luke, it was a pleasure to meet you.

The band performing Crazy Crazy Nights

Watch out Eric, Luke is here!

Top row: Rachel, Paul Finn, Dave
Bottom row: Russell, Luke, Matthew