20 years ago on 24th November 1991 the world lost one of it's greatest drummers, the brilliant Eric Carr. Eric tragically died of cancer shortly after recording his last song with KISS (God Gave Rock & Roll To You where he provided backing vocals).

Eric is still greatly missed by his fans, his dedication to both the band and his fanbase are unrivalled to this day, he was one of the most respected members of the band by KISS fans thanks to the vast amount of time he dedicated to them.

Bruce Kulick summed up Eric a few years ago when he said the following to me:

"Eric was my friend, my bandmate and like a brother to me.
He made me laugh, he made me angry,and when he passed on he made me cry.
I remember his great drumming and his great sense of humor.
I miss him but I know he will never be forgotten. I hope he is having some great jam sessions in heaven!"

Eric's family continue to keep his memory alive, the latest CD - Unfinished Business - is a fantastic CD featuring some excellent covers of Eric's songs as well as Eric himself singing Shandi (with newly recorded backings). This is now available from both iTunes and EricCarr.com

Eric you are sorely missed, but will never be forgotten.