I was lucky enough to be in the press conference for the KISS Monster Book launch held in the Arts Club in London today. The room was full of photographers and TV crews and the whole thing lasted about an hour, starting with the band posing with the book and talking about Help For Heroes, then Q&A's and finally the book signing. Here's a summary:-

  • Gene mentioned that they are well aware the price is an issue hence why only 1000 were made, he hinted at a smaller version in the future
  • The book is the largest rock book ever and had to be hand made as it was too big to be machine bound
  • Gene credited Tommy for his design work on the book, sounds like he was the main contributor
  • Gene denied any rumours that the band will end after Monster!
  • I asked Paul if there were any surprises in the set list tomorrow, he said Hell or Hallelujah will be played
  • Paul also confirmed that they are planning a UK/Europe tour next year
  • The book was signed to 'Help For Heroes', it wasn't clear but I think the first book was donated to them, possibly for auction

Here's some of my photos from the day, click for larger versions:-


Click the Read More link below to see more, including the first page of the book itself.