So we now know that the HOF reunion isn't happening, but even worse there will be no KISS performance at all. But really, so what, isn't this all a big fuss over nothing? Ace's interview on Eddie Trunk over the weekend was followed by many people giving Paul & Gene grief on Twitter & Facebook, not surprisingly before they actually had chance to hear both sides.
For those with short memories, Paul gave a massive hint in a Classic Rock interview less than weeks ago when he said "Honestly, I have no plans at the moment to do anything, and that includes playing with Ace and Peter or anyone else", that's right, no plans so why the massive shock that nothing is happening?
If you take time to think it through Paul & Gene could never have been able to work this out and still keep everyone happy. The HOF wanted the original band in make-up as it's only them being inducted, Paul quite rightly wanted everyone else inducted too, including Eric Carr. So do they have Peter & Ace in make-up and ignore the fact that Eric Singer & Tommy Thayer have worked their arses off keeping KISS alive for the past 13 years? Of course not, Paul & Gene have put their own band before the arrogance of the HOF and deserve respect for that. Could Peter & Ace have joined the current line-up on stage in make-up? No. Understandably Ace had already said he wouldn't get on stage with Tommy in make-up so that's a none starter, and let's face it would have been uncomfortable for everyone. So what's left, a non-make up show. Yep, that could have worked, but not without Bruce Kulick (and who knows maybe even Vinnie), but then the KISS image is 4 guys in make-up, should this really be toned down for the HOF?
So there was never a solution to suit everyone other than not playing - the main issue here isn't Paul, Gene, Ace or Peter or anyone else - it's the HOF. Over the years they have shown themselves to be arrogant and ignorant towards the KISS legacy, ignoring the band and their fans for the past 15 years is unacceptable. It's only a year since we were all mad after seeing the arrogance shown by Jann Wenner to a KISS fan in a YouTube video (below). Why now is everyone pissed that Paul & Gene decide to turn their backs on them and refuse to play?
If you could have one last reunion show, perhaps with all surviving members of the band, would you really want it to be in front of a group of "suits" who have ignored us all for 15 years? No, me neither, now bring on the 40th Anniversary Tour of the UK, we have some real celebrating to do this year.