Big John Harte on The Cassius Morris Show
Big John Harte, protector of Rock Gods: KISS, Iron Maiden, Billy Idol, Prince and more, calls in to The Cassius Morris Show for a career interview of epic proportions. When it comes to celebrity bodyguards, few fill the heart and imagination like Big John. The now-classic images of this hulking wrestler-like mustachioed man with his giant hands shielding an unmasked KISS member are indelibly etched into your brain.

Cassius delves in to the aspects of Big John that are rarely discussed in interviews, including his childhood, what prepared him to become a bodyguard for the stars, his past aspirations of becoming a rockstar himself, & much more. Next, the pair delve deep into Big John's years working with KISS, including untold stories, as well as his time with Prince. 

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The Cassius Morris Show: