40 years ago today many UK KISS fans had their first ever taste of a KISS show, at least without make-up. The 1983 tour was on the back of a spike in popularity for the band after removing the make-up and releasing the Lick It Up album. It featured the tank stage and hit smaller venues than normal, including Stafford Bingley Hall. Both Eric Carr & Vinnie Vincent were in the band during the tour. 

21st Oct:- Leeds Queens Hall
22nd Oct:- Stafford Bingley Hall*
23rd Oct:- London Wembley Arena
24th Oct:- Leicester De Montfort Hall
25th Oct:- Poole Arts Centre
27th Oct:- Glasgow Apollo
28th Oct:- Edinburgh Playhouse
29th Oct:- Newcastle City Hall

*Stafford was UK mega fan Dan Bach's very first show, he remembers a fight breaking out over Stanley throwing his firehat into the crowd! Big thank you to Dan for the info and the images below including his trip to Bingley Hall 15 years ago.