Stefan Frommann, a huge KISS fan from Germany, has released a superb new book about "us" - the KISS fans! The book includes chapters on 30 KISS fans from around the world as well as interviews with Gene, Tommy, Bob Ezrin, Bill Starkey and more. 278 pages long, it speaks to fans from 16 different countries, including myself in Chapter 30 :-)

Note that Amazon UK are only currently selling the German edition, however the English version is available from for €29.90 

KISS is a unique rock band. They have an army, a navy, and the craziest fans in the world. Journalist Stefan Frommann has been a loyal follower for 48 years. He saw almost 100 concerts, met Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley for personal interviews, he was backstage and in the recording studio with Simmons. In this book, he tells the stories of 30 fans from 16 countries, each a special KISStory, unique and emotional. The reader enters a magical world of collectors, tattoo lovers, creatives, imitators, insiders, and rebels. Those who love KISS will find themselves in it. Those who have not known KISS before will be amazed at a world they would not have thought possible.

Gene with some of my KISS collection at The One Show