25 years ago today, one week after KISS destroyed Donington ’96, I started a website dedicated to my favourite band. A few pages of HTML soon developed into something much bigger that became a large part of my spare time. Over the years I've been fortunate enough to interview band members, attend back stage events, press conferences, after show parties, The One Show, London Business School and much more.

I was lucky enough to interview Mark St John before he sadly passed away. I've also had the chance to speak with both Ace Frehley & Peter Criss and was invited to take some KISS merchandise onto The One Show to meet with Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed. I've also met with guitar & drum gods Bruce, Eric & Tommy.

There’s been times when I was able to present some drum sticks from Eric Singer to Luke, a huge fan, at a charity event. Several years later he was then invited to attend a meet & greet courtesy of the band!

Couples have met via the site (now with children!) and I've made many, many friends along the way.

25 years is a long time, lots has changed but it couldn't have carried on without the help of all my good friends & family and every single person who has contacted me through the site over the years. Who knows how long is left, the world has changed, web sites are less important than they were and the band are on another farewell tour. Will the web still exist in another 25 years? Who knows, but it’s been fun.

Tesco currently have another new KISS T-shirt in stock, this one is going for £12 and seems to be in many major stores. Thanks to Mike Bowen on Twitter for the tip-off!

"After many months of work, the big moment has come. In a bid to always offer the best to the fans, KISS ARMY SPAIN proudly announces the NEW KISS ARMY SPAIN FAN CLUB PACKAGE WHICH INCLUDES THE PUBLICATION “KISS DESTROYS MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 1977-2019” PLUS 2021 MEMBERSHIP CARD. VERY LIMITED EDITION TO 200 COPIES, FOR OUR FAN CLUB MEMBERS AND FANS.

As you all know, Madison Square Garden is a worldwide legendary arena and a real sanctuary in New York City, which is also KISS’ hometown, where they played 16 times. “KISS DESTROYS MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 1977-2019” is the complete journey beginning with that first concert back in February 1977 until their last show in 2019, a little more than two years ago, on their farewell END OF THE ROAD tour. "

You can find more information over at the KISS Army Spain website.