Check out this awesome footage of unmasked Paul with the Foo Fighters at Dave Grohl's Birthday Bash from the weekend. First song starts 3 minutes in.

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From The Journal: "GENE SIMMONS — BASSIST and vocalist in Kiss and one of the world’s most shameless self-promoters — was in Dublin yesterday.

Photocall Ireland photographer Sam Boal captured these images of the star, as TDs went about their business inside.

Today Simmons told Ray D’Arcy he was in the Dáil as a guest of Fine Gael TD Pat Breen. The two have a mutual friend in US-based Irish businessman Billy Lawless.

Every now and then I drop into places that I find fascinating, and there’s nothing more fascinating than Ireland*, is there? I guess because of my silly hair and all the rest of the accoutrement people tend to take me to big buildings to meet important people, I have no idea why."

Full story can be read on their website:

As was leaked by Mr Simmons a week ago and then confirmed by Paul in Vegas to me last weekend, KISS are headling the 3rd day of Download next year. They'll be there on Sunday 14th June and day tickets are available now for £82.50, more details at

So far no arena shows have been announced in the UK.

All photos by Paul Finn
Las Vegas has long been one of my favourite cities, big, OTT, bright and loud - the perfect place to see KISS. I was lucky enough to have the chance to go over for a long weekend to catch the shows on the 14th & 15th November, and I'm so glad I did, it was awesome!

KISS Vegas 

The Hard Rock Casino is about a mile or so from the Vegas strip, conveniently right across from KISS Mini Golf. First thing you notice on entering is that KISS is EVERYWHERE. All the staff are dressed in KISS T's, there's KISS tables, slots, menus, elevators, shop, cookies, massive posters and even Sonic Boom costumes on display. This really was the perfect place to stay with the room being a 5 minute walk to a KISS concert.

KISS Vegas

The Joint itself is a fairly small venue with a capacity of around 5,000 - on both nights it was packed out. The crowd weren't just your usual fans though, it was a mix of both fans and Vegas tourists (not sure I'd ever wear a collard shirt & trousers to a KISS gig but there go). Either way, everyone was loving the shows, woman next to me on the first night said she'd got tickets as it has always been on her bucket list (she was probably around 60), on night 2 I was standing next to 2 21 year olds who were singing away to every song. Great atmosphere.

Read more: KISS Rocks Vegas

We're getting very close now, here's some of the fun planned in Vegas for the KISS residency:-

  • 5th Nov - See KISS arrive in the KISS copter
  • 8th Nov, 15th & 22nd Nov - Paul Stanley book signings in the Hard Rock
  • 9th Nov - Gene Simmons book signing at KISS Mini Golf
  • 9th Nov - Three Sides of the Coin live talk show at KISS Mini Golf!
  • 8th, 9th, 15th & 21st Nov - Live KISS-e-oake at KISS Mini Golf
  • All days - KISS menus & shop in Hard Rock - includes KISS Kocktails for $6

We'll be Tweeting & updating Facebook from Vegas on both the 14th & 15th November.