Jerry Only. Eddie Van Halen. Billy Gibbons. Jack White.  Gene Simmons. Albert King...

We salute rock & roll's most iconic tool of the trade since stuffed spandex - the multinecked, fur-lined, flame-throwing masterpieces that remain as influential as the shredders who strapped them on.


M i k e  E r r i c o

B L E N D E R . C O

There are rumours abound (again) that Gene will be on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here next week..... well nothing is confirmed yet but we should all know by Friday. Gene did deny this some time ago but he is still rumoured to be there by all the tabloids.

 Sorry for the lack of updates again, I've been over in Gibraltar for a while.

Bill Baker is back with a November update to his Ace Frehley Archives website.
I've just added a new live Ace video clip of "Breakout" from Hammerjacks in Baltimore, MD 1992.  This clip has been remastered with stereo audio by Ace Frehley Archives website designer Matt C.
I've also started a special Ace Frehley Archives Youtube page - . Here you can find some clips from my Ace Archive along with few special Youtube only clips. The first clip on offer is "Shot Full Of Rock" from Hammerjacks that’s been remastered again by Matt C. The second is a rare clip from my Fractured Mirror bands rehearsal before the 1998 NY Kiss Expo. Fractured Mirror is performing "Torpedo Girl" in this clip. There's also some video of my recent trip to California where I visited my friend Dickie Peterson of BLUE CHEER now on Youtube. I recently built him a bass and personally delivered it. Please check it out!
We are going to be working on some more Youtube only exclusive clips in the near future. So please keep checking back. And yes, I'm still working on the book!
For all things Ace please check out – and

For those that missed it the 1st episode of the UK Family Jewels was show tonight (2nd one on Monday) it will be repeated on the Biography Channel. It was okay, although as usual very cringe-worthy (WTF was Reggie the mail-room guy all about???). Nice to see some regular KISSin' UK contributors on there, especially Dan Bach!

Appologies for the lack of news on here recently, it will change soon. We will be looking for more news editors shortly I will post something at the weekend. As for KISSology which most people ask me about nowadays - I am awaiting official responses from the record company but please don't hold your breath. Yet....

Bill Baker is back with his October updates to his "ACE FREHLEY Archives" website!

Pages from my upcoming book, 'ACE FREHLEY : The Ultimate Fan Scrapbook' are now online for viewing. "I am trying to have the book completed before Christmas 2007, which means I'll have it early in 2008, and I'm offering the fans a sneak peak at some of the pages now so you can see I'm really working on it."

"I've also been digging around my collection and found some footage from a rare outdoor Ace show from Suntan Lake, NJ 1994. This footage has been remastered by The ACE FREHLEY archives webmaster Matt C with soundboard audio. This video is definitely worth a look for all you ACE FREHLEY Fans."
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Heavy metal is not for the faint of heart. The songs don't want you to dance, shake, spin, or jump. They insist that you bang your head. Forget nuances or subtlety, heavy metal's main concern is kicking your ass. Rhino dives into the mosh pit with a four-disc collection of musical wickedness that packs more fire and brimstone than an Aleister Crowley barbeque.   The set will be offered in limited edition packing that resembles an amplifier. In a nod to Spinal Tap-whose song "Big Bottom" is included in the set-the faux-amp box features an authentic, turn-able Marshall knob allowing you to literally turn it up to 11.  Arranged chronologically, the compilation gathers 70 choice selections from various record labels tracing the evolution of metal during its first golden age between 1968 and 1991. The Heavy Metal Box presents more than five hours of blistering fury guaranteed to send devil horn salutes in the air.

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 A KISS Expo in Japan took place over the weekend, click here to see some very cool pictures from the day. Thanks to George @ KISS Army Australia for the pics.

Its been a while, but here we are - gearing up to play some shows in September, and here are the dates & places:

Fri 7th September: The Limelight Club, Crewe, Cheshire
Sat 8th September: Rock Cafe 2000, Stourbridge, West Midlands
Fri 28th September: Area 51, Stratton, Swindon, Wilts
Sat 29th Septmeber: the Firehouse, Southampton

We very much look forward to seeing you!!

All the best,

Ash ('Paul')

DRESSED TO KILL - As seen on Channel 4's ROCK SCHOOL - and The WORLDS longest-running KISS tribute band

The Mike Stone Band will open the new live season this month! From 19. - 24.09.2007 we will travel to several locations in europe, so just have an eye on the tour informations on the several homepages. Besides that I prepare again some KISS Tribute activities in october and november with my ROCKET RIDE band- by just coming back to some fun, rock'n'roll and "family- meets'n'greetz" with so many fine, nice and cool people of the european KISS scene. 

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