My company, Bassline Publishing has just released a book on Gene's bass work with KISS. It contains transcriptions of all the songs from the first two albums, as well as performance notes, and extensive info on Gene's basses.

The book is available from www.basslinepublishing.com


Stuart Clayton
Bassline Publishing

 Dear KISS Fan:
We are pleased to advise you of the new KISS COMICS GROUP. We hope that you are as excited about this as we are. We are thrilled to take Demon, StarChild, Celestial and King of All Beasts in mythical and fantastic worlds and universes as they fight epic
battles in space and time. This is real KISS as you want to see them.
Thanks for your help in getting the word out.
With many thanks and best regards,

Randy Greenberg
EVP WW Marketing

Well, here's the showdate list for 2007 - there are likely to be some additions in June, but We cant say what or where, just yet...
February 2nd - Limelight Club, Crewe, Cheshire
February 3rd - Rock Cafe 2000, Stourbridge, West Midlands
February 9th - The Intake Club, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire
February 10th - St Davids Hall, Cardiff (as support to 'Tigertailz')
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 Lead Singer of KISS presents his collection of Paintings and Limited Editions

Wentworth Gallery, one of the nation’s leading fine art retailers, is proud to present two art exhibitions by artist and rock icon lead singer of KISS Paul Stanley.  He will make two special appearances at the Wentworth Galleries on Friday February 9thin Hackensack and on Saturday February 10th in Short Hills.   Both appearances are open to the public and free of charge.

Paul Stanley’s New Jersey Wentworth Gallery Appearances


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 Attached is a copy of the poster for the forthcoming ESP show in London. Click on it to enlarge.

Gene (now back in the US) will be on Wogan tomorrow night (Tue 30th) at 10:20PM on UK Gold. This was being filmed right after Genes appearence on Paul O'Grady in the studio next door @ BBC TV Centre.

Just got back from the filming of Paul O'Grady - it was a great day, unfortunately I didn't get to ask Gene the stuff I wanted to ask, but he was very cool regardless. He hung out with the audience during the break and was in a very good mood. Loved his jacket too - had 'Deuce' written on the back.

The interview was exactly what I was expecting (unmarried for 23 years etc), so nothing new there. However, this time most of the audience seemed to agree with him, even applauded him. One thing you prob didn't see on the show - at the end when Paul was being bombarded with snow - Gene was the one standing off camera chucking a bucket-full at him!

Sadly all the stuff I was asked to cart to London wasn't used (Gene dolls, jack in box & lunch box), but it was our free ticket to VIP seats so I'm not complaining! I blame Richard & Judy for talking too much during Gene's bit - Paul had all the stuff just under his desk ready to use.

Big thanks to Alex at OlgaTV for setting it all up.

Even managed to brush past into Keith 'Shefiff Of Nottingham' Allen outside the green room!

 It has now been confirmed that Gene will be on the Paul O'Grady show next Wednesday (24th) @ 5PM.