Hello Kiss fans,
Paul Stanley has rejoined forces with Washburn Guitars and designed a
complete series of acoustic and electric guitars. These instruments are
available in limited numbers from our shop in Sint Niklaas, België.
Contact us for  more info, and  let all your Kiss friends know about
this unique opportunity.

Steven Hollanders
Key Music NV
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 KISS Forever Band are proud to announce that the band's 3rd album saw the light of the day yesterday! It's a killer live album with 15 tracks called "Live§Loud" recorded in Budapest/Hungary on 15th Oct 2005 on our 10th Anniversary Show.

It's an absolute live album in classic concert style from the 70's - 80's for anybody who loves KISS and time travel. There are also some newer songs such as Into The Void and Unholy.

Into The Void

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OK have just run an interview with Gene Simmons - I will have some scans of this up on these pages very shortly. Thanks to Michelle for the info.

 Also there will be some news from KISS Forever Band up on the news pages tomorrow....

 The new issue of  KISS Army Sweden´s magazine Destroyer will be out next week, it features articles about Eric Carr, Paul Stanley Tour, Japan 2006, interviews with Anton Fig,

Loretta Caravello and much more.....

Best Regards

Niklas Olsson
KISS Army Sweden


Bob Brunson     
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A&E's Gene Simmons Family Jewels-Ultimate KISS Fan enlisting the KISS
Army & Hollywood to write & record the Ultimate Tribute Song

Bob Brunson, The Ultimate KISS Fan as seen on A&E/Gene Simmon's Family
Jewels, is launching a fan-based song-writing project and promotion
called... "Friends With Painted Faces." tm

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My name is Marc Sico and I just released my 1st dvd named "Before
Kiss". It's in NTSC but is region 0. Here is the press release which has a link
for the promotional clip on youtube.com and a link to purchase on
amazon.  thank you in advance for your time.

You tube Promo Link

Press release

Port Richey, FL, December 4- On December 1, 2006, A brand new start up
company "Sico Productions" launched it's first DVD release, BEFORE KISS.

Bands have fan clubs but KISS has a loyal army of fans. This DVD shows
the dedication of 3 such fans. Originally filmed back in 1999, 3 die-
hard KISS fans set themselves on a 6 month Pre-"KISS"toric journey to
visit as many places as possible in New York City that had to do with
the band's old stomping grounds, includes interviews and more.

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After nearly a ten year struggle, Lydia Criss has published her book around the life of Peter Criss. Lydia was married to Peter from 1970 until 1978. It's titled - Sealed with a KISS. Pre-orders of the book started in August and the book was published in late October. Lydia kindly gave KISSinUK an interview. The book is an insider's view of life in the KISS machine in the 1970's. For orders, please surf onto Lydia's website - www.lydiacriss.com Sealed with a KISS is coffee table book with many unpublished and private photos of Peter and Lydia and KISS.


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 As mentioned a few weeks ago ex-Dressed To Kill drummer 'Rich Sawyer' has recently broken his back in an accident at work. He is currently undergoing intensive physiotherapy and faces an uphill struggle to get back to full strength.

In order to help raise his spirits email messages are being collected to be collated and eventually sent to Rich - the target is to get 100 messages -currently only 60 have been sent. PLEASE help Rich by showing your support by sending a message to him c/o  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Amongst the 60 messages is this gem from Peter Criss!:-
"Hi Rich,
Thank you for being a loyal Fan!!!! I'm so sorry to hear about your accident I will Pray for you to get better soon and have a full recovery . I have had a few broken bones in my day and You have to believe one day at a time you will get better and PLAY Music again I believe YOU CAN do this !!! The Cat is on your side!!!!!! Take care and e-mail me to let me know how our doing .

God Bless,
Peter Criss "