Sorry for the deliay in posting  this - I have just added a review of 2 of Paul's shows (Atlantic City & New York) to the site. The review is by Billy Coxon and contains some great live shots of Paul (taken by Billy) and also some cool merchanside shots from Dan Bach.

Click here to read the review.

Dressed To Kill are proud to announce a very special event.... and remind you about their upcoming gigs: Sat 25th November - Southampton 'Firehouse'. This is our first visit so please come along to support us so that we can return next year! Fri 8th December - Cardiff 'The Point'. A triumphant return to this fabulous venue! SPECIAL EVENT Sat 9th December - Liverpool University 'Stanley Theatre' (a.k.a. Uni Academy 2). A show with a difference....a KISS/Star Wars & Rock Burlesque theme....!
Read more: DTK gigs & a very special show!!!

From The Sun online:-
KISS star Gene Simmons’ Osbournes-style reality show is to be screened by the Biography Channel.

Gene Simmons' Family Jewels features the rocker, 57, at home with his partner ex-Playboy centrefold Shannon Tweed, 49, and their kids Nick, 17, and Sophie, 14.

The family show will be in sharp contrast to his image as a hell raising rock star who claims to have slept with more than 4,600 women.

The 13-parter which will be shown on the digital channel in early 2007 has strong echoes of MTV’s hit show The Osbournes which revitalised the careers of rocker Ozzy and X Factor wife judge Sharon.

Channel 4 showed Gene’s last series Rock School earlier this year.

Thanks to Jerr for the info.

As you may or may not have heard, ex-Dressed To Kill drummer 'Rich Sawyer' has recently broken his back in an accident at work. He is currently undergoing intensive physiotherapy and faces an uphill struggle to get back to full strength. We, the KISS family, need to rally behind him at this time, so PLEASE send your messages of support to him at the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thanks for reading, lets show him some love people!

Well, Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of our very first show in Loughborough, Leics. We'd like to thank YOU for being with us along the way, whether from the very beginning, or even if You only just joined us - it doesnt matter, what DOES matter is the support You show Us every time We play.
**Our next show is at the 'Firehouse' in Southampton, on Sat 25th November.**
Please do drop by our Myspace presence: and join us on there too.
Incidentally, If youd like to help us get even more people to our shows, then please reply with your postal address details, and we'll send You some flyers to distribute for Us. It will be a great help, and the more people we have coming to the 'party', the better it will be for everyone!
Once again, THANKS again for allowing us the privilege of the last 15 years -
Here's to the next 15!

Get well soon to Dressed To Kill's Ash who suffered 3 broken ribs in a motorbike accident. Gary Banton posted the following on our forum:- 

Hi all,

As some of you have heard the news I thought I'd better put the facts up on here to ease your concerns....

Ash was involved in a major motorcycle accident yesterday on the M1. A VW Golf hard breaked in front of him leaving him no option but to hit the back of it. He hit the ground hard and blacked out. On coming around he had trouble breathing and was taken to hospital where they discovered he had 3 cracked ribs. 

He is in a lot of pain but is on painkillers & receiving physio. He should be out by the weekend and all better within a couple of months.

No DTK gigs are under threat and he thanks you all for your concern

 At last, Paul Stanley's Live To Win is officially available over here in the UK. A full review will be posted this week, however expect even less promotion than Gene got for asshole. Some radio stations are trying to line up interviews but it's not looking too promising yet.

DJ Spoony was recently spotted on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing wearing a Gene Simmons t-shirt during practice, another closet fan??

Unfortuantely he's been booted off now...

The Barbican in London are hoping to be showing Phantom Of The Park on the big screen on December! More news as and when I get it.