Gene Simmons Radio 2Gene will be hosting a 4 part series on Rock starting this Wednesday (10th) at 10PM on Radio 2. It will be available to listen to live online or via On Demand afterwards over at the BBC Radio2 page.

"Gene Simmons, founding member of Kiss and all-round rock music expert, kicks off a new four-part series on his specialist subject where he’ll spin his favourite tunes by the likes of AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper.

Since emerging from New York’s glam rock scene in 1974, Kiss went on to sell millions of albums and pack stadium tours worldwide. The rock quartet became famous for their flamboyant stage costumes, make-up, show pyrotechnics and a hard rock sound. In this series, Gene shares with listeners his passion for classic rock – a sound he credits the UK with creating.

Gene explains: ‘When I was a kid and I turned on the radio, sure we had American r ‘n’ b and we had the American versions of rock ‘n’ roll, but it wasn’t until I heard The Beatles and then The Stones and then Led Zeppelin, and on and on and on, that I fell in love deeply with this thing we call rock. America created rock ‘n’ roll, but it was the UK that gave the world rock – classic rock. Guitars, amplifiers turned up to 11 – yes glorious 11. Louder is better. Bigger is better. Your girlfriend has been lying to you all these years – size does matter!’

Some of the music he’s selected is by bands that inspired Kiss, but most is by groups he discovered or invited to tour with his band such as Rush, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick and Van Halen. He also plays tracks by artists he’s produced over the years such as Wendy O. Williams, as well as covers of Kiss songs performed by Lenny Kravitz, Stevie Wonder and, surprisingly, country superstar Garth Brooks.

Later in the series, he tells stories of unlikely collaborations with iconic music figures such as Bob Dylan (whom he wrote a song with) and Lou Reed who worked with Kiss on a concept album, Music From The Elder.

Gene adds: ‘I’m flattered that BBC Radio 2 has given me the chance to play the music that I love dearly, that I continue to play over and over again, that I introduce young people to…music [that] continues to attract new ears generation after generation which is why it’s classic – classic rock.’

Presenter/Gene Simmons, Producer/Mike Hanson for the BBC"

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of legendary rock band KISS have donated 2 guitars to be auctioned off on Teenage Cancer Trust’s eBay site to mark their headline slot at this year’s Download Festival on 14 June.

The iconic instruments, Simmons’ Axe™ Bass by Cort – signed by the man himself – and Stanley’s signature series Ibanez PS 120 – signed by the entire band – are now available to bid on, along with a pair of VIP tickets to see the band close this year’s Download Festival at the historic Donington Park. All proceeds will go towards helping young people with cancer.

 More details & the link to bid here

With the European tour in full swing it's nearly time for Download! KISS will be hitting the stage at 9.05PM on the Sunday, but don't forget the Dead Daisies are also looking for support from KISS fans and they can be seen at 11AM.

Ace is scheduled for 2:25 on Saturday at the Encore Stage.

I won't put any set list spoilers in here, but if you went to Vegas last year then you pretty much know what to expect. Have fun!

The Dead Daisies, who toured with KISS in the States last year, make their Download debut on Sunday the 14th June the same day as KISS. They will also be supporting the band throughout their European and Australian legs of their 40th Anniversary tour as well as boarding the KISS Kruise for a second year in a row in October. The band who now feature John Corabi (formerly Motley Crue and Bruce Kulick's bandmate from Union), Guns N' Roses pair Dizzy Reed and Richard Fortus, guitarist David Lowy, Marco Mendoza of Whitesnake and Thin Lizzy fame and current Black Sabbath drummer Tommy Klufetos will take the stage at 11am on the Zippo stage.

The guys will be promoting their brand new album Revolución and will be happy to catch up with fans while they are at the festival.

The new album features the songs 'Midnight Moses' available in the current Classic Rock magazine and 'Mexico'.

Why not start your Sunday in the perfect way by rocking out to The Dead Daisies before finishing it with KISS.The Dead Daisies

A new KISS & Scooby-Doo film will be released by Warner Bros. on July 10th (digital) and July 21st (Blu-ray & DVD). A trailer for the film can be seen below, rumour has it that a new song may have been recorded too! Gene, Paul, Eric & Tommy have all recorded voiceovers for the film.

There have been other KISS/Scooby partnerships over the years - a Halloween special in 2003 as well as a Gene lookalike villain back in the 70's.



Fancy a brand new KISS pinball machine for only £35? Check out these awesome tables from PinballArcade, okay so they're not playable and they're only 6 inches high but they're still incredibly cool! There is 1 more pinball design and a KISS arcade cabinet available.

Available from Pinball Arcade.

The new KISS collaboration with Japanese group Momoiro Clover Z, Samurai Son, is out now to buy on iTunes for 99p. It hasn't been to everyone's taste, but it is a grower and is also being added to the set list for the imminent Japanese tour. The song is also available on the KISS 40 compilation as well as the KISS version of the CD single, which also includes a version of Rock & Roll All Nite by Momoiro Clover Z.