Ace Frehley's appearance on The Tonight Show will be broadcast in the UK tonight at 11PM on CNBC (Sky 505). There will also be regular repeats over the next week. His performance of New York Groove with The Roots (the house band) is also on YouTube:-


Check out this great review of the Denver show from 1st time KISS fan - 16 year old Kieran Moulton:-

Kiss and Def. Leopard 40th anniversary tour 2014
The trailer for the tour shows fire, flying, a giant robotic spider and I have to say as awesome as that looks it’s only a peep of the explosion on stage that is kiss!

My name is Kieran Moulton, I’m 16 and I flew out to Denver to see the tour on the 25th of June 2014 at the Pepsi centre, it was my first kiss concert and it didn’t disappoint at all! They haven’t lost a single spark of energy or enthusiasm towards the crowd, with every attempt to get the crowd pumped a success it made for one of the most memorable nights I’ll ever have. I would suggest VIP tickets to anyone who gets the chance to catch this tour live because the experience you get being so close to the action is unreal! You can literally feel the heat from the explosions and feel the base through the floor.

Before the show every restaurant and bar surrounding the Pepsi centre was packed with Kiss and Def. Leopard fans who were all out to get that last minute bite to eat before the big event. With all these venues playing famous songs from both bands it was buzzing all round, even the streets were filled with people dressed in full Kiss make-up and costumes.  There were security guards at the entrance to the centre doing full bag searches and not allowing any cameras in the venue ( but of course everyone pulled a camera out of somewhere as soon as the lights went down.) inside there were merchandise stands and all sorts of snack stands. Kiss fans were getting pictures of each other’s costumes and taking photos with each other, for me it was awesome to be around so many people who share the same love for such a great band. It didn’t matter if you were a Kiss or Def. Leopard fan you all got treated the same which made for such a great atmosphere.

The warm up band Kobra and the lotus were outstanding and are so lucky to have gotten to open for two of the most legendary bands around today, I know if I was in a band id jump at the chance to open for Kiss and Def. Leopard!  After intermission the stadium filled with people, the lights went down and the big Def. Leopard curtain dropped! The band played some of their most famous songs such as; let’s get rocked, hysteria, Armageddon it  and of course the one that really got the crowd singing was my personal favourite pour some sugar on me. The band sounded just a good as they always have done and with some seriously cool special effects they put on an excellent show.

After a short break Kiss then exploded onto the scene with fireworks, bombs, explosions and that amazing spider came down onto the stage armed with flashing lights and effects throwing smoke and steam everywhere, Kiss started there concert off with the famous king of the night time and every crowd member was either singing along or catching the magic on camera, unfortunately due to the fact that it was a seated venue there was no room for anyone to have a proper jam to the band’s music which was a shame because no-one even used the seats anyway! Like who sits down at a Kiss concert!!! Anyway the set list for Kiss was as follows; king of the night time, deuce, psycho circus, war machine, shout it out loud, Christine sixteen, lick it up, I love it loud, hide your heart, let me go rock and roll, love gun, black diamond, Detroit rock city and closed the show with the anthem that is rock and roll all night and part every day!! Throughout the concert  the crowd screamed and begged for more and Kiss absolutely delivered with Genes famous fire breathing at the end of the song war machine which was then followed by the spider moving its giant legs during lick it up. It was one extreme to the next from beginning to end with this band as the iconic song ‘I love it loud’ was started by Genes awesome blood spitting and his flight up above the stage and onto the spider! The last of the extreme hair rising acts was Paul Stanley’s epic flight out into the crowd and onto a centre platform during the song love gun, this was then made even better by some seriously enthusiastic crowd participation that came in the next line up song hide your heart. When the show came to an end it was closed by frenzy of fireworks, explosions, confetti and of course Pauls legendary guitar smashing! Over all I think it’s safe to say everyone left that show with a smile of their face thanks to the performance of all these great bands! In my personal opinion Def. Leopard was great but nothing matches up to the spectacle that is Kiss and I can comfortably say that being a fan of both bands. I just love Kiss.

Mark Allison from Scottish band All The Colors is also the fan club president for The Dead Daisies and a long standing KISS fan. Mark has been lucky enough to hang out with The Dead Daisies backstage on the current leg of the KISS/Def Leppard tour, he is blogging about his experience daily, please check it out here:-

Please spare a thought for Liam Sweeney who lost his life on flight MH17 yesterday. He has been in several papers today sporting a KISS t-shirt, Liam was on his way to New Zealand to watch Newcastle United play.

RIP to Liam and the 297 others.

Thanks to Julian Davies for letting me know.

At last, the long rumoured KISS residency in Vegas has been announced! They will be playing 9 dates at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel in November where they will use a scaled down version of the spider stage from the current tour. In Pauls words from USA Today "We will pack 10 pounds of gunpowder into a 5-pound bag"!

The dates are as follows:
Nov 5
Nov 7
Nov 8
Nov 12
Nov 14
Nov 15
Nov 19
Nov 22
Nov 23

Yahoo! Screen will begin broadcasting concerts for free shortly as part of a 365 day line-up of shows. As part of this they will be showing a KISS concert live from Charlotte on the 19th July (00:00 on the 20th here in the UK).

You can watch the show over on Yahoo Screen Live