There was an article in the Daily Mail a few days ago where they basically stalked Paul and took photos of him out with his family carrying a KISS Hello Kitty bag. Clearly they've done their homework talking about Paul's bandmate "Gene Simmonds" (sic) and mentioning that a tour of Europe was coming next (er, it's over). So yes, there's some nice photos but maybe Paul should be left to be a dad by himself on his days off?

Click here to read the article.

Here's a great review of the Milan show from forum member Adam:

"Ok, lets get this said from the start.

This show was stunning! Honestly, I was amazed at how good this show was. Even songs if I never heard live again (ILIL/Deuce/Love Gun...yes LG! Yawn) were outstanding.

Now, I have to admit my expectations for this show were not high. All the usual shit, the set list, what state will Paul's voice be in, TT copying Ace's solo's, ES playing well with himself just the normal stuff. Perhaps I've just grown to accept that KISS is what KISS is and it aint gonna change, or maybe this band, that I have loved for the past 38 years, has just proved that they really can still rock!

Either way, I honestly don't care, because I came away from this show as happy as I could be. The one issue is still Paul's voice, and while it was the best I have heard him from 2008 onward, he no longer sings many of the high stuff (Eric mostly takes that over) and that's a pretty good move by the band. He's still ropey, but what with the volume and the excitement you could overlook any shortcomings.

Wierd bits of the show, Paul walked over to Gene, said something in his ear and walked off. Gene stood there, shook his head and forgot to start singing again! TT was singing his back up and looking at Gene kinda confused! Would LOVE to know what PS said to throw Gene off like that!

All the guitars dropped for a few seconds. Thought they'd lost power, but the sound guy prob pressed the wrong button!!

But best was Paul doing his flying thing in Love Gun. He got to his small stage and the ring slid backwards, back over the crowd! Some body jumped up and grabbed it and started swinging from it! The crew eventually got it back and then when he was on the way back to the stage he stopped short!!!! Had to do a Tarzan swing to get back on the main stage! PMSL!!!

Charlotte, the spider, which again I was really expecting to be naff beyond words was a sight to see. It's huge! And when it lowers and starts to move its legs and all that, it's pretty cool to see! This sounds really dumb, but during the middle Who bit of LIU the abdomen bit lowers right down over PS & TT and they walk over it. Really impressed me for some reason!

I wasn't going to bother with this tour and the bit that got me to change my mind was the announcement of a new show. And while it was more GS bullshit 'a mechanical walking spider', I think not!, if I'd missed this I'd be gutted. And as for the rumoured HR Calling gig that KISS were supposed to be doing, the promoters of that really dropped the ball not getting KISS in to play. This would have been a huge draw cos everyone seems to be talking about it and for good reason too.

Is this KISS of old? Of course not. Will todays KISS ever create anything musically to compete with old KISS. NO. But that's no longer what KISS are about. KISS are happy to churn out the same set list with a few new tunes thrown in (well pleased to see Say Yeah back!!!) and as long as they can put on shows like this, then they might have some life left in them!"

David Jones has just come back to the UK from Helsinki after seeing the concert at Hartwall Arena on June 3rd. As part of his trip he caught Gene's appearance at the Hard Rock Café and his dad managed to film the whole thing - you can watch it below. Thanks to David for the link.



Good luck to all the KISSin' UK Forum members attending the Euro tour, hope you have a blast, I look forward to the reviews! If you don't want to know the set list look away now, this is from the Sweden show:-

Acoustic set from Meet & Greet:-

  • Hard Luck Woman
  • Wall of Sound
  • Beth
  • Love Her All I Can
  • Christine Sixteen
  • Got to Choose
  • Nothin' to Lose

Show setlist

  • Psycho Circus
  • Shout It Out Loud
  • Let Me Go Rock 'n Roll
  • Love It Loud
  • Hell Or Hallelujah
  • War Machine
  • Heavens On Fire
  • Deuce
  • Say Yeah
  • Shock Me (part)
  • Outta This World
  • God Of Thunder
  • Lick It Up
  • Love Gun
  • Rock And Roll All Nite
  • Detroit Rock City
  • I Was Made For Lovin' You
  • Black Diamond

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From Huffington Post: When this year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony airs on HBO Saturday night, Rush, Heart, Public Enemy, Donna Summer and Randy Newman, among others, will be seen joining those already enshrined in the Cleveland museum. But one group that won't be represented, yet again, is the self-proclaimed "hottest band in the world," KISS.

Longtime fans can't believe the group that taught America how to rock and roll all night and party every day still hasn't made the cut. The Huffington Post asked lead singer Paul Stanley if there's hope of a reprieve.

"Well, it depends on who lives longer, us or Jann Wenner," Stanley said, referring to the Rolling Stone editor-in-chief who co-founded the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in the mid-1980s.

Fans have a tendency to blame Wenner for the KISS snub. (One brave loyalist even confronted Wenner on the street to demand answers.) But the real obstacle may be journalist Dave Marsh, who plays a key role in the selection process and once told MTV, "Kiss is not a great band, Kiss was never a great band, Kiss never will be a great band, and I have done my share to keep them off the ballot."

Stanley, who has been making the media rounds to publicize the opening of a new branch of his Rock & Brews restaurant chain, questioned the legitimacy of the hall itself.

"Look, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is marketing," he said. "You've got a bunch of faceless people in a back room who trademark a name that sounds very official. Well, if you had thought of it first, you would have been the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."

Stanley, who turned 61 in January and has been playing with KISS for 40 years, also complained that artists who aren't generally considered rock 'n' rollers keep getting inducted, even as his group keeps getting overlooked.

Read the full article here

There's a brand new KISS tribute album in the works to celebrate the 40th anniversary, it's called A World With Heroes and is being run as a 'pledge' project with a contribution being made to charity.

Please visit here to order the album and make a pledge.

From the site:-

To mark the 40th Anniversary of KISS, we have gathered some of the greatest rock musicians for a KISS tribute album. “A World With Heroes” features unique performances of incredible KISS songs.

All basic tracks will be recorded by these incredible musicians: Eric Brittingham (bass – Cinderella) , Jeff LaBar (guitars – Cinderella) and Troy Lucketta (drums – Tesla).

The vocalists and other artists that will contribute to the CD include: Don Dokken, Geoff Tate (Queensryche), Mark Tornillo (Accept), Terry Ilous (Great White), Bumblefoot (GNR), Mark Slaughter (Slaughter), Russ Dwarf (The Killer Dwarfs), Ron Young (Little Caesar), Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake), Rex Brown (Pantera, Kill Devil Hill), Dery Grehan (Honeymoon Suite), Bill Leverty (Firehouse), Phil Lewis (LA GUNS), Doro, Tommy Denander, Slaves on Dopes (w/Jason Rockman), Phil Naro (ex-Talas & Peter Criss), Ron Keel, Sean Kelly (Nelly Furtado’s band & Helix) and more to be announced shortly.

Pledge to be a part of this amazing tribute and great cause.