Here is a link to the promotion of a 26 minutes TV broadcast about the "death of compact disc". Among others artists, KISS will be talking about this topic. Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer were interviewed by Gorian Delpâture (RTBF journalist) few minutes before their Alive 35 show at Graspop Festival (Belgium). The complete show will be broadcasted on the 3th of december and will allow you to see Gene Simmons and Eric Singer interviews, KISS Graspop show and a KISS fan private museum.


Hello I am Ace's webmaster. Ace has designed a countdown page in classic Ace style..... and we have created a countdown. We will be launching on
Dec 15th officially.

I will be sending you news as we get it from Ace.

Please help to spread the news.... ACE is back!!!

David Souza

  KISS Christmas Party in Germany
On 20.December there will be a big KISS Christmas Party in Oberhausen/Germany (where KISS played two Sold out Shows at the Alive35 Tour)! The german KISS Tribute Band KISSIN TIME will Rock you a few Days before Christmas. Also there will be a big KISS Party with all the KISS Fans there.
Special Fan Club Tickets for the half Price you can buy at
Chill - Da Halle
Knappenstrasse 301
46047 Oberhausen
Viele Grüße/Kind Regards

KISS Fan Club Germany

Well, We celebrated our 17th 'live' anniversary at Hallowe'en - Thanks
so much for your support!!!

Now onto the dates:

Friday 28th November: 'The Robin2' - Bilston, Wolverhampton.*supported by superb Def Leppard tribute band Jef Leppard*
Saturday 29th November: 'The Gasworks' - Bradford

Friday 19th December: 'The Standard' - Walthamstow, London E17
Saturday 20th December: 'The Point' - Cardiff - also a Bogiez Xmas Party nite, so DEF not to be missed!!

The 2 December shows will be VERY special - the last 2 shows of 2008, and the closest to KISS-mas that weve ever played, so we'd like you to join in with the festive fun and frivolity - these 2 shows will have a real party feel to them, and more than a few surprises too, so DONT miss them.

*We're looking for some Girls to join us onstage for a couple of songs, one of which will be 'Take it off', so you'll understand what is 'required', though we WONT be asking for nudity or for the Girls to go too far.....*

Read more: DTK news

At long last there is some news of a new album on the horizon, as confirmed by Paul Stanley himself in this interview (around 2 minutes 30 in).

And is that's not proof enough then the best place to get gossip is from a London cabbie, good job I got this recently then!:-

"Hi I am London Cabbie and a lifelong KISS fan. Last week I picked up A punter who said he had been working in the USA as a session man and the word is KISS are to record a new album with all new tracks in the new year. This guy was not a kiss fan but seemed to know his stuff and he was told this from some session guys who are trying to get on the new album."

As you are all probably aware 'Dressed To Kill' celebrate their 18th Anniversary this year!
Halloween, is always a special time, as it reminds me of when we played our FIRST gigat 'Crystals Nitespot in Loughborough' some 17 years ago!!!!
Being a founding member, 'Dressed To Kill', will always hold a special place in my heart and most importantly all the fans who braved the weather and turned out on a regular basis to come see us.
I have to say that, WITHOUT YOU, my 15 years with the band would not have been so fulfilling and to this day I'm ever so grateful to YOU! This is something I'll ALWAYS remember and NEVER forget! I MISS YOU ALL.
I hope this finds you all well and have yourselves A HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
Much Love,
Rich 'The Catman' Sawyer

 Bill Baker is back with updates to his Ace Frehley Archive website.

ACE FANS! Finally, "Ace Frehley - The Ultimate Fan Scrapbook" has arrived! The books were delivered Tuesday, Oct 21st. Yes, I'm no longer "the boy who cried wolf". (For years I've been saying... "I'm going to put out this Ace Book"....) But it's all true! After all of these years of work it's NOW FINALLY AVAILABLE!

Ace Frehley - The Ultimate Fan Scrapbook features:-

·          128 glossy art pages of Ace!
·          Large 9 1/2 X 12 inch size - many full page photos, mostly COLOR and some black and white shots!
·          Never before seen documents and memorabilia from Bill's collection!
·          Bill's stories and memories of good times hanging and working with Ace!
·          Photos spanning from the early years of Kiss, the Comet and solo years, and up until the Kiss reunion in '96 with lots of candids in between.

Only 2000 copies of the book have been printed. I am taking orders now via my website. If you would like a copy please go to: and follow the details there.

Bill says - "I'm glad I have this site. I'm glad I put together this book for you, the fans. I'm proud of it and it's NOW FINALLY AVAILABLE!!!! Because I put so much into it, I'll take the extra time to sign and number each one!"

Bill personally gave Ace his copy at the Chiller Theatre convention last weekend and Ace loved it, (see pictures of that meeting on the site), I know you will love it too!

Thankya, Thankya very much,
Bill Baker

Dear KISS fans in Ipswich,
Sorry for this night not being there.
We got fooled by our booker from Vampyre Connections.
At the last moment he dissappeared without a trace,therefore there was no guarantee for us to get paid and no one even had booked accommodation as it was written in the contract.
We couldn't take the risk to drive down from Newcastle then drive back to Blackburn cos our budget has a limit.
The tour will continue tomorrow and we are ready to rock you!