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erics2.jpg (8834 bytes)Eric has been kind enough to answer a few questions for KISSin' UK. He has recently released a new album 'Lost And Spaced' under the name of ESP (Eric Singer Project), the band also features non other than Bruce Kulick. Seeing as there hasn't been much hype for it over here I thought I'd ask Eric about it.

1. What can you tell us UK fans about your new CD 'ESP - Lost And Spaced'?
esp1.jpg (5938 bytes)ESP was done for fun !! I asked my friends Bruce,Karl,and John if they would like to join in on the fun. They all said "hell yes" and the result is "Lost & Spaced".It is a collection of songs by groups we all were influenced by growing up.

2. You recently visited Birmingham on Brian May's latest tour, how did it go?
The Brian May tour was FANTASTIC !! He is a total Pro & THE nicest guy in Rock that I ever worked with Period !!! Hopefully we will work together again,maybe this year ?

3. There's a lot of KISS websites out there, do you ever have chance to check out fans tributes toerics1.jpg (10862 bytes) you? Are you still involved with your own 'All Access' web site?
I'm not much for computer surfing although I have seen some websites in the past. I try to keep up with my site when I'm in town,(last year I was gone most of the time)

4. It always annoyed me how the reunion pushed back the release of Carnival Of Souls, would you have preferred the band to have released this when you were still part of KISS?
Of course I would liked that to happen .It would have been nice to tour that material.But that's life in the music biz !

5. I for one was shocked when I first heard about the reunion, the Stanley/Simmons/Singer/Kulick line-up was the one I started with and will always remain my favourite. Did you actually visit any of the reunion shows when it started back in 1996?
I was shocked too ! I saw one show in LA in 96. I enjoyed the pyro,etc...

6. You've done a fair bit of work with Bruce since leaving KISS (including ESP), any more projects in the pipeline?
Bruce is my brother,so I'm sure we will always do things together when time permits.I thought the UNION cd was very good.Unfortunately it is a very tough time in music these days.

7. My favourite part of the MTV Unplugged show was when you took lead vocals on Nothin' To Lose, is singing something that you'd like to do more of in the future? Did you get to pick which song you were going to sing on in that show?
Thanx 4 the compliment ! I enjoy singing very much.I hope to sing more in the future like on the ESP cd.I also sang on the "Forever Mod" Rod Stewert Tribute & the Ace Frehley "Return of the Comet" Tribute cd's.
Me singing Nothin to lose just happened by accident.

8. Do you have any plans on visiting the UK in the near future? I know you've done a few KISS expos elsewhere in Europe but they never seem to reach the UK.
I never know what the future may have in store for me ? I may do some more playing with Brian May this summer for some festival dates,We will have to see ?

9. Any UK stories that you wanna share that happened while you were in KISS??
Can't think of anything very funny or unusual but the fans are always Great !!

10. Finally, before I told you about it had you ever heard or (or visited) KISSin' UK??
No I have not but I will check it out in the very near future !!
Thank you so much for your interest in ME & ESP !!!
PEACE-----------Eric Singer


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