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No Euro tour confirmed by Paul Stanley

[From: Michel Banen/Kiss Chikara via Fraser Munro]

Paul Stanley filled out a questionnaire for the Dutch Kiss fanclub "Kiss Chikara" on which he confirmed that there will be no European Farewell tour and that the last Kiss Farewell concert will be mid March. Click here to read the questionaire.


Older news from when things were brighter.....

It seems that the chance of a tour of Europe, Australia & Japan looks very good at the minute. The band have been totally surprised and overwhelmed at the  response to the Farewell Tour and it is already shaping up to be bigger than the Alive/Worldwide tour. It will be the biggest grossing Tour in the US this year by far. It has been said from a source very close to the band that they will do Europe and Australia/Japan. Currently they are re-scheduling so many things at present that it's hard enough coping with the US, so no definite dates or timescales can be given. 

Firstly before I say anymore please note that NONE OF THIS IS CONFIRMED, but things are certainly starting to look up for a European tour. I have heard the following news bits from a very good source very close to the band:-

3/10/2000 [From: aristidis chatzis]
The USA tour will end on 7th of October. A show or two in USA next year (probably in late Feb). Europe ,Oz and Japan January 2001. Two months rest for the Band. That's what Gene Simmons said on SNR last Saturday! Check yourself at  Hope we all see them again at Wembley Arena!!

13/8/2000 OK, here's the latest RUMOR-there will be no Madison Square Garden show this year. The rumor is that the tour is being extended until 2001. For those overseas, this can only mean good things for you! Europe, Aussie and Japan with the Garden show to end it all in Febuary 2001. There is also talk of adding a show at Nassau Colisuem, here on Long Island, NY, in late September. John

24/7/2000 Latest news is that Peter and Ace's contract with Kiss, which included 70 US-shows for the Farewell tour have been expanded to 125 US-shows. They are negotiating another extension for their contract for more shows in Japan, Australia and Europe at the moment. This is no official news, but comes from a reliable source. 

The US tour is going so well that it looks likely that the it will indeed make it over to Europe. Both ticket sales and merchandising are going through the roof, which may have swayed the decision, but nothing is confirmed. I've been told that they are booked in the US until late July/August so if it does happen it will probably be later in the year.

On 28th May page 451 of Teletext (Channel 4) had the following article:-

Hopes are rising that Kiss may be coming to the UK later in the year as
part of their farewell tour. The tour is already underway in the States 
and this week reached Detroit - scene of one of their 1975 hit Detroit Rock
City. Kiss have sold 75m albums in a 27-year career. 

Paul Stanley was interviewed on KNAC recently (2nd June) as you can guess when Paul was asked the question "are you gonna play the uk?" he replied something like "we dont know where this tours gonna take us were making it up as we go along" but he did also say that "they dont
wanna turn the tour into a 2 year farewell as it would defeat the object", so as usual Paul sorta skipped round the question, but never mind I didn`t expect a straight answer. (From Dave Chapman)


I am hoping to have something more definite about a tour next week, as soon as I find out more I'll post it here.


Here's another few Farewell Tour news bits (non UK related) from my news source:-
Ace is in great shape and has lost 3 stone since the last tour! He says that this is down to his latest interest - Yoga!
It has been mentioned that Gene getting stuck on his cables in Anaheim was because of a bet! Not sure how true this is but the news has come from high up.
At Anaheim someone made a great leap from the sets and made the edge of the stage. The security eventually pull him down only feet away from Ace, but it took four of them to ground him.
25 different T-shirts are available on this tour, is this a record even for KISS??
The ticket sales are going so well that the fans are getting a little out of control at the shows. I don't know whether you have heard about the fan that died at Oakland but the was another accident at Reno when a fan fell and it seems that he has either broken his neck or has spinal injuries. The paramedics were at the scene an hour before they left the show for the hospital. they have not heard how he is yet. Obviously we wish him all the best.



Thanks to my very good source for the news - you know who you are!





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