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If you have anything to offer other KISS fans in the UK then you can add a free message to the trade list. E-mail me if you have any problems or if you want your message removed. Please note that I am not able to personally recommend anyone on the trade list, any trading that you do with them is done at your own risk.

30/05/18 Hello Kiss Fans

I Trade Rare Kiss & 80'S Hairmetal/Classic Rock Audio/Video Through Free Filesharing ( and I'm Looking For Others That might Be Interested in Online Trading.Please Send Me your trade list so that we can introduce ourselves and possibly help each others collection grow
28/04/18 I'm looking to Trade Kiss Bootlegs on Cdr and Blueray Discs (also looking for Artwork & Custom Made Artwork) I just got a External Blueray Burner and Soon will be able to Trade/Sell
Adey P    
28/04/18 Looking to sell a mint condition copy of 1978 Japanese compilation Kiss Originals II with all masks intact and uncut, lyrics book & picture book and OBI strip. Email me for any further details or pictures.
Brian Fall    
28/04/18 i am selling my godfather kiss collection in trifold sleeves 2cd sets £25, single cd £15 if interested email me for list Brian.
Brian Fall    
28/04/18 Kiss the demos colured vinyl new but no sleeve sell cheap.
Brian Fall    
28/04/18 I have eric singer signed drumskin badlands cd autographed by eric singer and loads of kiss live cds all genuine silver pressed only.
adam monaghan    
10/04/18 Looking to sell my First Kiss Last Licks, fully signed album. Black smudge inside as they all seemed to have. I bought it from KISS Crazy back when it came out and to my recollection it's never been played. Kept since then in a mellinex sleeve. Email if you're interested or would like to see pics
14/03/18 Ace Frehley Epiphone guitar - any model considered.
10/01/18 got alot KISS dvds here is my link to site let me know if u want to trade
Andy Winton    
03/01/18 WANTED Looking for a Ace Frehley signature Gibson or Epiphone guitar. If willing to sell I am interested to buy. Cheers
Andy Winton    
03/01/18 HI, looking for a Ace Frehley signature Les Paul Epiphone or Gibson guitar.... If anyone has one for sale I would be interested. Cheers.
Brian odonnell    
03/01/18 All 5 sonic boom on vinyl.
03/01/18 Hi! I'm looking for plectrums/guitar picks. Interested just in KISS, related bands, Richie Scarlet and the Eric Singer ones from Alice Cooper. Will buy or trade.
03/01/18 Wanted: Full Hot in the Shade tour AUDIO CD with good quality sound.
I have NOTHING to trade with you but am willing pay for your time, the CD('s) and any postage costs you incur.

If you have a full good quality HITS show please get in touch.
Many thanks

Scott Duncan    
03/01/18 FREE TO A GOOD HOME! Clearing out some of my old Kiss stuff and have amongst other things 3 tour programmes (Lick It Up Europe/Asylum Europe and Reunion Alive), 5 issues of Pyscho Circus comic, Paul Stanley poster from solo album & mask from solo single. Email me for pics, only postage to be paid.
04/09/17 Looking To Trade Blu-ray. Please Send List.
04/09/17 KISS huge dvd list . +1200 titles ! KISS concerts 1973-2017 , solo stuff , solo tours , documentaries , etc . Lookin' for trade for magazines , lps , singles , cds , books , tshirts , posters , etc write me and i send you the list
23/08/17 kiss magazines photos for sale please mail for list
12/07/17 Looking to buy only silver pressed bootlegs from kiss no cdr! Sent me your lust with titles for sale
28/06/17 I am after an official sonic boom tour t-shirt M size in good condition. If you own one and are interested in selling it, please do contact me.
Flavio Colognesi    
28/06/17 Hi! I have double cd O Rock De Kiss factory press (not Cd-R) to trade. Mail me for the pictures. Thanks and all the best, Flavio
Flavio Colognesi    
28/06/17 Hi! I have double cd O Rock De Kiss factory press (not Cd-R) to trade. Mail me for the pictures. Thanks and all the best, Flavio
28/06/17 Wanted Kiss Kruise 5 & 6 Any 1 Help
28/06/17 Kiss Kruise 5 On Blu Ray Let Me Know Thanks. And Any Other Blu Ray Disc's
28/06/17 Looking for good quality audio bootlegs of the HITS US tour. If anyone is selling, has links to or is willing to provide copies for reasonable financial exchanges please let me know. Thanks!
20/01/17 I am looking for all kind of stuff from Paul Stanley's solo tour in 1989. Concert posters, ticket stubs, flyers, clippings from magazines/newspaper, etc... Whatever!! If the owner doesn't wanna sell, I will settle with a picture of the item.
christopher twigden    
20/01/17 lokking for audio tape of radio clyde interview tom Brussel did with vinnie vincent and eric carr oct 1983 ,i have the gene and paul interview but want this one it does excist cos i used to have it years ago
28/11/16 Hi guys I have a FULLY LEGAL UK KISS LICENCE PLATE I had it on my old car that died. I now have a bike and can't use it. Thought I'd give real kiss fans first dibs as I know it would be loved. The plate is K155 JKE, its value is £800 feel free to email q's or offer it won't hang about long good luck
28/11/16 Stoned In Paris, 22 May, 1976. They Only Come Out At Night, Stocholm, 26 October, 1984 Both vinyl and in perfect codition Very rare
David Thornton    
28/11/16 Hi I'm a kiss fan and a few years ago I managed to buy a personal number plate for my car which is KI55 BAD. I could do with extra cash at the moment and have decided to sell it. You'll know KISS had hits with BAD BAD LOVIN & BAD BAD LOVIN II & BAD REPUTATION. Im looking for around £2k Thanks
28/11/16 Looking for lossless versions of the Tokyo 2nd April 1977 audience recordings (both shows) and also the soundboard source from 1st April 1977 can trade from my list or will pay for copies.
28/11/16 Hello, I want to buy these KISS live bootleg:
- kiss kollection vol. 2 (peter on the cover)
- kiss kollection vol. 3 (gene on the cover)
- kiss kollection vol. 4 (paul on the cover)
- kiss kollection vol. 5(all the band on the cover).
I will pay until 20 € or little more for one.
28/11/16 KISS Wembley 2010 Concert Poster May 12th & May 13th 2010 HUGE HUGE poster from the display's around the wall's of Wembley Arena.
28/11/16 Over 120 kiss magazines for sale.front cover from all over the world. All in perfect condition.
28/11/16 Sonic Boom on Vinyl need to complete vinyl collection. If you have a copy you no longer want/play/need please let me know. Thanks
28/11/16 Kiss Signature Pen Sealed 70's from Gene & Peter
Kiss Your Face Makeup Kit 70's Complete
Kiss Rockstics 70's all 4 Sets 3 Sealed from the Peter Set is missing one Sticker.
Kiss Lunchbox 70's with Red Thermo
Kiss Colorforms Complete
Kiss Costumes 70's all 4

I Trade or Sell Contact me
Andy Flemmings    
28/11/16 Concert ticket stubs from Kiss shows in the UK & Ireland only. Also wanting scans or original UK concert reviews from local newspapers.
chris twigden    
28/11/16 electric magic and drive me crazy bootleg cods wanted on godfather cods in multi fold sleeve please send details
peter whitton    
13/04/16 Epiphone Tommy Thayer Spaceman Les paul Guitar Never played only taken out of case to clean and tune. This guitar is one of a very limited production Details on Pics on request. Come and play it,
13/04/16 Kiss tribute cds, real or bootlegs. Links or physical copies. I have a list of about 75 I can send.
16/03/16 Hi I have over 900 Kiss live shows on both CD and DVD. Would love to trade. Please contact me and I will send you a list.
Tim P    
16/03/16 Cash waiting for Kiss vinyl and poster collections. Everything considered. International buyers waiting!
14/02/16 Hi !!

I am looking to find these two items ( I would like to buy them) :

Kiss Ace Frehely 10 Tall wall busts
Kiss Paul Stanley 10 Tall wall busts

Please if you have them to sale...let me know.

Greetings san
25/11/15 I have some kiss roled posters for trade , customized cds , brazilian magazines , only brazilian compilations , etc Write me , i'm lookin' for KISS Vinyl , singles , guitar picks , etc
11/11/15 Hi! I have a lot of 7" KISS singles for trade. I will trade against KISS singles I don't have yet and spanish pressed KISS cassettes. Feel free to contact me and I can send you picks.
11/11/15 got a lot of 2015 dvds up for trade and blu rays . got 1973 to 2015 dvd s up for trade . show me yours and ill shoe u mine .
14/10/15 Looking to buy only silver pressed bootlegs from kiss no cdr!
14/10/15 I am looking for Some cool kiss bootleg CD covers that is homemade. Altered from other Kiss covers I have lots of cool covers on discs I'm willing to trade if you make the really cool ones that stand out and will trade please contact me
Ian Glover    
14/10/15 The Help for heroes show Kiss did 2012 in London UK
william curry    
14/10/15 wanted kiss sonic boom lp (bootleg) ok too,color of vinyl is important -please email me the cost please - it is out there somewhere thank you Billy
14/10/15 looking for they only come out at night stockholm 2 cd animalize show also walking around the world think TX asylum I have on lp wanted on cd any help please ?
30/08/15 kiss collection for sale guitars dolls mags toys etc please e mail me for full list
Brian odonnell    
30/08/15 Kiss sonic boom vinyl.
30/08/15 For sale, or trade many KISS LP´s bootleg: Tulsa Strutter, Oklahoma 13/6/1975 THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE LAND, Toronto,6/9/1976 SIMMONS´ METEOR, San Francisco,16/08/1977 PETER´S BIRTHDAY PARTY, Largo,20/12/1977 THE CITY WITH THE HOTTEST ASSES, Italy 1980 and
14/07/15 Looking for The Ace Frehley Halloween Costume Destroyer Boots. Looking to Buy Size 9 If your interested in selling them Please Contact me ASAP Thanks!
22/05/15 washburn paul stanley ps12 guitar starfire black with gig bag immaculate never played email me for pics or info £475 ovno... or i would consider a trade for a tommy thayer epiphone
22/05/15 selling my bootleg cdr collection these are cdrs that i have collected from over the years i dont have any need for these any more loads of bands..kiss and other bands huge list £2 a show please email me for my lists or more info
22/05/15 Lots of Sonic Boom live CDs and more listed on ebay. Just search on kiss live Cd Sonic Boom and look at the other listings
chris twigden    
12/04/15 For sale or trade Kissology vol 2 with Bonus Disc tokyo 1988 still sealed never opened would like to swop for kissology 2 with new york ritz bonus disc or kissology 3 with madison square gardens bonus disc or sao paulo bonus disc
12/04/15 getting 2015 shows in . send me your list and ill send mine
12/04/15 for sale many kiss mags from 90s... looking to trade ace solo tour dvds 2014 tour/ i have over 400+ kiss dvds also for sale 90s puzzles and figures complete sets
brian odonnell    
12/04/15 kiss black and white live shots dragonfly shirt large.and kiss kruise on blu ray.
12/04/15 kiss dvd - kiss unauthorised vol.1, unauthorised vol.2, kiss meets the press, kiss firehouse. kiss music box collection, kiss rnr allnight, kiss the vintage, kiss rnr legends,kiss you wanted the best you got the best, gene simmons speaking in tongues. gene simmons family jewels season 1 - season 6.
12/04/15 WANTED - Kiss The Boxset Promo Sampler Cd. Any Other Rare/Promo Cd Albums For Offer. (no bootlegs)!
12/04/15 Wanted Kiss Las Vegas 2014 DVDs. I have over 500+ Kiss DVDs to trade + 100s of live shows on CD. Please let me know if you are interested in trading.
robert dunning    
07/01/15 Hi im looking for kiss 8x10 and solo prefereably 80s ones..the kiss creatures era poster with vinnie which is takenfrom inside creatures tour book.faces 1996all kiss mag, kiss animalize tour book with bruce,starline mag presents kiss mag .if anyone can help i would be interesred ..


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