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 By: Helen

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It's not fair, (child like whinging voice).
Well actually it isn't fair. Me, being of but 15 years of age, was too ignorant and too young to witness any previous Kiss shows and now I have to come to terms with the fact that I will never ever get to see them live. That is very shit, I want to cry. infact I will cry. Why tour the rest of the world and ignore England, it's not that bad, granted the weather is always total shite but to say that you will finish touring as a band without letting us say goodbye (actually mine would be a hello goodbye senario!), is a bit tight to say the least!!

It's alright for any rich folk who can fly out to Japan, America where ever to say goodbye but what about the rest of us, no bugger that what about me? I cannot afford to travel the globe even if it is for Kiss, I would be perfectly happy (understatement of the millenium), to travel down to London from Clitheroe, a small and insignificant little town in east Lancashire please pity me, But any where else is taking the piss. Surely if Mr simmons and co value their die hard fans (which i'm sure they do), then they could make the effort to come over here, please please please please please come to england, how would any one else feel if they found out that the band whom they loved and worshiped with all of their heart and soul were never to tour again and as a result you would never ever get to see them play!

Please don't hold the fact that parents didn't get to it sooner against me, if they had of done then maybe I would have seen the hottest band in the world play live, I guess I'll never know the answer to that one.
Love Helen.


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