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 By: Ian Helliwell

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As Jim Royle Would say World Tour my arse!!
Farewell America,Australia and Japan because they are the only sheep that treat us like demi-gods every time we go there,bollocks to europe because some of the people over there
seem to see through our recycle and re-sell shite.

Well that might sound like i'm bitter,well it's because i am,the greedy twats couldn't get over here fast enough when crazy crazy bollocks got to number 4,and that was about the time the yanks and the rest of the world didn't give a toss about them except we the sheep from england.

OK,we had a few decent tours in the 80's,but as soon as they put the make-up back on and become the dogs bollocks again what do we get one date at donington a half arsed tour and one twatting date at wembley 200 miles away arena come on kiss ( sorry gene and paul )get your ungrateful backsides over here and give us  a show we will never forget and a decent tour,maybe venture north a bit this time.Mind you i suppose Ace and Peter would probably like to come here except the greedy twins won't let them because they probably won't make 12 Billion dollars.

Having said that if they tour i'll be there shelling out my hard earned cash on more merchandise with thier greedy faces on.
AHH TAHT'S BETTER Got it all of my chest now,thanks for letting me air my views i'm glad somebody else cares.
Ian Helliwell


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