Funny stage moments in KISStory

This page lists times in KISStory that gave the crowd a laugh, some were deliberate and others the lads would probably sooner forget! If you have any additions please send 'em on in!
  • Gothenburg, Sweden, March 5 1999 the boys were in a great mood. They played around and ended up fighting with drinking water. At one point Paul stood by Gene's side waiting for him to sing the first verse of a song. Just as Gene started, Paul spat water in his head. At the same show, Gene and Ace square danced around each other before Cold Gin and later Gene wrestled his microphone. BTW it's all on a great 4 cam amateur video.
  • Brussels 1984
    During Heavens On Fire Geneīs pants had the urge to drop off his ass. It was hilarious to see the God Of Thunder pulling up his pants every 10 sec. or so and attempting to keep up with the song.
  • Zwolle 1984
    Between the encores Gene and Paul crawled behind Ericīs drum kit. Their attempts to drum were horrible but funny. In the meantime Eric was almost constantly shouting "Oh Yeah" through Geneīs mic.
  • Tilburg 1988
    Gene shouting "Come On Amsterdam", bad orientation eh ?
  • Rotterdam 1996
    Ace fell backwards during RARAN, and he had quite some difficulty getting up again - he fell over a microphone wire that was behind him!

    it was during RARAN when paul is fooling around with the mic!!
  • On the 1996 reunion tour, the video screen said "Memphis rocks and rolls all night." The problem is that they were in Louisville at the time. Maybe they were just saying Memphis kicked ass and Louisville sucked. It was the second night of the tour, so they were still working out the bugs.
  • I saw Kiss in June 2000... Ace's guitar was smoking so much during his solo that he got lost and could barely find his way out! He was walking around in circles! That gave me the giggles... but the show was great and they kept on rockin' that nite!
  • During the Columbus Ohio show during the Psycho Circus tour Gene called out Cleveland during Deuce. Paul went over to him near the end of the song and corrected him.
  • In Copenhagen, Denmark, October 21st, 1984, Eric fell when he jumped to stand on the bass drums after his solo!
  • Just this past Saturday in Syracuse, Ace went to shoot his first light out during his solo and the light on the opposite side of the stage exploded instead. And Ace being Ace didn't even seem to realize it. He turned to shoot out his second light (the one that just exploded) only to realize that it has already been "hit" so he had to turn back around to his original position
    and shoot out the first light again.
  • Hotter Than Hell 1974-75 - Kansas City...Gene knocks over the lit candelabra
  • Dynasty ' 79 - Kansas City...the boys got in a toilet paper roll fight on stage prior to starting Black Diamond
  • Revenge ' 93 - St Joe, Missouri - Paul had laryngitis and Gene had to sing ALL of his songs
  • During the creatures of the night tour the one with the huge tank Paul was running from one riser to the other and tripped on his platforms and fell on his ass and I remember thinking are they over?



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