Bruce's Guitar Clinic - 15,16 June '96 Birmingham


In June last year Bruce Kulick held several guitar clinics around the UK, I was lucky enough to go to one of them at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham. Below are two reviews of the same event (both were posted to one of the KISS mailing lists), the first one by me and the second by John Parkin.

1st Review (Paul Finn)

Yesterday I finally got to meet my favorite guitarist ever, Bruce Kulick. The day started off really crap - we missed our connection train to Birmingham which meant we didn't get to the show until 2PM, ie we missed Bruce's signing session, shit!

Bruce was due to go on stage at around 2:40, what we didn't realise was that we'd have to wait for a 4 song soundcheck to take place, so we didn't get into the hall until about 3.

Anyway, after all the waiting around Bruce came on stage and he looked in great shape! He told us that he was going to play along to some KISS backing tapes as well as doing some other stuff. The first song was Unholy - Bruce said that the backing tape was from early on in the writing of Revenge, he used to take the tape home and jam along to it (it was basically the same as the studio version but with slightly different lyrics). Bruce growled 'this ones by Gene Simmmmmonns!' and the intro started, I couldn't believe how good it sounded Bruce was really on top form, the solo was a little bit different but it sure as hell blew me away.

Next up was Heart Of Chrome, Tough Love, Liar (a song that was written for COS but didn't get recorded) - it kicked ass, the best stuff I've heard from any KISS guitarist - ever.

Then was a tune from the 'Good Rats' called 495 and then a tune called Zeptune (I think!). Next up was a short Q&A, there was only time for 3 questions and none of them were very exciting - 'What's the difference between rythm guitar & lead', 'What age did you start playing' and 'when is your signiture ESP coming out'. In brief he started playing at the age of 10 and he has a prototype of this signiture model but he didn't want to bring it with him incase it got 'nicked'!

Then, to end the show he played 'Star Spangled Banner' which sounded very cool - very much like the version on Alive III but only Bruce playing - no backing.

Overall the event was really cool, Bruce was a brilliant person, much friendlier than Peter Criss was when I met him a couple of years ago. There were about 400-500 people there (which incedently was over the maximum allowed in the hall), I only hope he is going to come back later on in the year with Eric, that *would* be cool.


2nd Review (John Parkin)

Hi all!

I would just like to tell you all about yesterday's National Guitar show at Birmingham in the UK. Bruce was there and he was signing stuff and talking to us all (about 25 Kiss Fans), and he was just great. He was one of the nicest guys that I have ever met. He was just so friendly, and really went out of his way to let people take photo's of him and so on. Afterwards he was walking around the show and taking to kids playing guitars and giving them some advice.

You know, I always moan about living in the UK when it comes to being a KISS fan - We never get to hear anything about them, they are never on TV or radio, in fact no-one hardly knows who they are, but it was all worth it yesterday. As I said, there were only a handful of KISS fans there so Bruce was able to talk to just a couple of us for nearly an hour, on a one-to-one basis. In my opinion a once in a lifetime thing, I guess if the show had been held in the USA there would of been hundreds of KISS fans, all squashed up, just to get an autograph, and maybe ask a quick question, if they were lucky.

Anyway Bruce said:

He Was still being paid by KISS

The New album Was NEVER called Carnival of Souls and Still is not

He considers it to be the best work he has ever done with KISS.

He hopes to be back with KISS real soon, but is uncertain of the future, and at times he looked a little worried/upset?

I told him that I had heard a copy of the new album and said that in my opinion as soon as it is released everyone will realise just how good it is and will want him and Eric back straight away!! He then told me to tell everyone on the Internet this and tell everyone how good it was!!!!

He also said that he thinks Peter and Ace would not have been able to produce the kinds of songs/sounds which are on the new album, as KISS has really moved on from there day.

Basically Bruce was great, he played along to demo tapes of Unholy, Heart of chrome and Tough Love. Then he played some of his own work (Including a really cool track called "495"). Then ended with the Star Spangled banner.

A brilliant performance from a brilliant guy.

Not wanting to start another argument on the net, I would like to say though, Bruce is one hell of a guitarist and many others don't get near his tallent or nice nature.

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