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Written by BZimmer, Canada

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Did anybody else make it up to see Paul Stanley at Tower Records last Saturday? I was lucky enough to be way up near the front of the line and I got to meet Paul and get some items signed. My best guess would be that there were about 750 - 1000 people in line but only about 175 got in to the store before Paul  left at 2:00. I thought they could have either done without the q&a session (god people ask the dumbest questions) or just limit it to the press (who would ask pertinent questions). The first 20 minutes or so of the interview was fed outside the store so that those waiting inline could hear it. After 20 minutes it was just dead silence. Paul seemed very upbeat about doing The Phantom. At times he almost seemed demeaning, implying that the fans need to educate themselves and broaden their interest by going to musicals and theatre. Any questions about the band breaking up or the Farewell Tour (rumoured to be this fall) were very eloquently turned back to focus on The Phantom. Paul's best answer was "Live each day and enjoy what you have now without worrying about the future". I guess a simple yes or no answer would have been asking for too much. He did say that the band would get together in the Fall and tour doing (ready for this?) different songs. Someone asked about Creatures, LIU and Unholy and Paul said that those were the songs that they were looking to do.

When I met Paul he was very pleasant and although the security people tried to move everyone alone he commented about the poster I had him sign (a promo poster from when I bought my 81' PS 10 - it is the same shot as the Ibanez ad in the back of the Dynasty Tourbook). He said "Wow that takes be back a few years" and laughed. He said "That photo was taken in !977", then he started talking about how he loved that guitar when he got it. He was extremely friendly and thanked me for coming out to see him. Paul definitely looked older but looked good with short hair. Paul's hair was slicked back and collar length to shoulder length - short.

I had a great day and I enjoyed meeting Paul and I am looking forward to seeing him in The Phantom. Anyone else have an experience in Toronto?

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