Sam Ash signing, New York 9/1/2000

Written By Terri Bey (author of Ace Frehley Bio)

I attended the Sam Ash Guitar Show on Jan 9th and let me tell you , I had a pretty good time. I got on line at about 10: 15am and chatted with the other fans about how many times we had met various KISS members etc. There I was with my jacket and a new outfit, waiting for my chance to meet ACE. As you all know, I had met Paul in Vancouver , but just missed out on meeting Ace, and I was a little nervous , but hopeful.

At noon, we were let in and I got to speak with my buddy, Richie Scarlet and his wife, Joann and we had a nice chat. I came back to Richie's table later as he was not finished setting up to have a pic taken with him and have him sign his new cd, "Out of my past" (Note: go get it. IT is great!!!!).

Well, I also walked around but as you guessed,, I made a beeline for the GIBSON table, at around 12:30 or 1pm and waited for THE MAN to show. I had a little help by a friend of a friend of mine to keep me informed on Ace's arrival time. Of course, we had been informed that Ace had missed his flight and would be at the show at about 5 or so.

Well, I wasn't too upset at THAT, as I was about the organization or LACK of organization on the part of the security for the gibson table. It was a zoo!!!!! A whole bunch of us were right in front of Ace's table since the virtual beginning and this lady with a cell phone was going bonkers!!! Well, she wanted us to move, I explained to her that we had been there since 12pm and had driven from Ky , and Mass ( some people I met were from Mass). The lady said that we were going to be the first people with some little boy being the first one. They FINALLY rope off the line, something they SHOULD HAVE done hours ago since they KNEW Ace was going to be late!!!!!!! This was about 4:30pm!!!!!

The line ended up wrapping around the table and INTO the Gibson booth. The people who I was with and I were saying, " Ace is gonna freak." The security FINALLY turned the line around to go in one direction , or so I thought. The line started to CROWD UP, and people were CUTTING the line and it was a mess!!!!. The security then had to get everyone back, because he said, "Ace will cancel the signing if you all don't move back." ( I personally could not blame Ace, even though I would have be disappointed. It was so crowded and disorganized. I mean, I live in Lexington , Ky, and about 90 miles west, in Louisville, we run a race called the Kentucky Derby where over 100,000 people attend every year and that race is more organized than this signing, or the whole guitar show for that matter. The Paul line was wrapped around the place and out the door, from what I understand. It was so crowded that it was hard for people who were there to look at guitars to move around.)

Anyway, it is around 5pm, and the announcement is made that ACE is in the building!!!!!!!! My adreniline is rushing. I am very excited. Well, around 5:30 or so, the MAN ARRIVED, and I shot some pix. I was so happy to see my HERO!!!!

Well, I was anxiously waiting for my turn and they stopped the line with this guy RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!!! I wondered what the hell is going on. Well, guess what? ANOTHER LINE was formed somehow. I was like, what the fuck is this?? SO there, were the fans in this other line that was formed having their stuff signed.

Now, Ace , for you gals, who truly love him like I do, was just adorable. I thought he was anyway. He was bantering with the fans, and was very cool!!!! Now, at first , he was allowing pictures being taken of him, however, he did have it stopped. Anyway, he did look tired , and slightly pale to ME. ( I have read the posts , and I don't know where this orange face that he had is coming from.) I would be exhausted too if I just got off a plane and fighting jet lag. ( Yeah,yeah he missed the original flight , but what is done is done.)

Anyway, when, my line was FINALLY allowed to go through, you can imagine my excitement. I was getting ready. Even though I was exhausted from the waiting, I KNEW it was going to be worth it!!!!!!!! When the security guard told me it was MY TURN, I felt SO GOOD.   I was going to meet ACE FREHLEY, my idol for 23 years, FINALLY. Carol Kaye, asked me what I wanted signed and I had Ace sign a pictured of my friend, Paul Helms, who plays him in KISS ARMY, which was already signed by Richie Scarlet and Karl Cochran ( I like having unique things autographed like my beagle picture).

I asked ace how he was, he said, " Fine". I had told him, that I was hanging out with Karl Cochran two days prior. He said, "Cool". I showed him my beagle picture and told him the beagle was named after HIM, and he said, "FAR OUT" I nodded in agreement. He gave me another look and here is the best part of the encounter: he looked at me again and said, "You look familiar." I sheepishly said, " From the shows." ( It was announced before hand that he did not want hear how many times you saw KISS, etc, etc. I can't blame him either.) I shook his hand and told him what my name was and that was it. He was A VERY NICE and VERY SWEET PERSON.

Keep Rockin'
Terri Diane Bey and Ace Frehley the Beagle

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