Farewell Tour Reports - Australia, April 2001
Report by Terri Bey

April 3, 2001 ( Melbourne) 

I arrived in Melbourne on the third of April and went to my hotel room
and got a shower and did some sightseeing as I mentioned previously. I
saw alot of my buddies at the band's hotel, the Park Hyatt. I met up
with Doc McGhee and we chatted. I went over to hang out with Eric SInger
and my buddies. I later had my picture taken with Eric.  I then met
Ace's security guard and showed him the gifts I had bought Ace for his
50th birthday ( a black onyx and silver ring and a silver bracelet) and
showed him the picture of me and Ace together and the guard took the
picture up to Ace and he said he would tell Ace I was there. ( This is
around 4:30pm)   Mind you , other fans show up and the hotel manager
wanted to throw them out . ( Ace's guard kept me isolated so Ace could
talk to me privately) but they said that he ( the guard) said they could
stay. Ace's guard got upset wit them for putting him on the spot. (
can't blame him). About 5:30pm, Ace's guard comes down with my picture
personally autographed to me, reading "To Terri ! Rock On! Ace Frehley
2001 with the little card and heart.   I decide to stay near the
elevator and wait as it is nearing 6:30pm.   Here is something funny.
I had to go to the bathroom. but I held it LOL. About 6:30pm, I see,
Ace's guard, then Shannon, Ace's girlfriend, and then ACE!!!! Ace's
guard, then tells him, "Ace, this woman has some presents for you."

I gave him the ring and the bracelet and card. I introduced myself and
we chatted a bit. I introduced myself to his girlfriend, Shannon. I then
shook his hand and then we embraced. 
Then Ace and I walked over to the other fans and we discussed mutual
friends and Ace wanted to make sure I had a ticket for that night. He
asked me If I had a ticket, and I told him I did. I thought that was
very nice of him to do so.   He then put the ring and bracelet in his
pocket and said, "Thank you". I then spoke with his girlfriend. 

The show that night was great. THe band was pretty tight. They sound
alot better with SInger. ( Sorry.) Gene chewed out a lighting operator
and Paul also chewed out some tech. Ace played very well, a few mistakes
here and there but a solid performance. It was very exciting for me to
see them again. Even before the show, it was exciting to hear the Who's
"Won't Get Fooled Again." and watch that curtain drop!!! As for Eric,
his playing was just phenomenal. I loved his solo as well. I sat
eleventh row for this show. 

During "Detroit Rock CIty" , when they flashed Ace's hands on the big
screens, I noticed that he was WEARING MY RING!!!!!! I was in
HEAVEN!!!!!!!! He wore the ring on his right hand, on the index finger.
Ace wore the bracelet as well. Ace wore the ring and the bracelet for
the remaining Australian dates as well. God, did that feel great!!!!! 

April 4, 2001, 

I just had lunch at the Park Hyatt and left. I was not feeling well ,
with laryngitis that would last the ENTIRE TIME I was in Australia (
until the 16th!!!!!) I had lousy seats for that show but was walking
around and came across a Tiketek and upgraded my seat to SECOND ROW!!!!
Anyway, I decided to just stand outside and gab with the other KISS fans
who were standing outside the hotel.   We watched the band leave. Gene
and Paul left in one vehicle ( a Tarago) . Eric, Tommy, and Doc were in
another Tarago, and Ace was in his own, with his guard and his
girlfriend. Ace and his guard waved to me as they went by. 

THe show that night was ROCKIN!!! This time the entire band was ON!!!
Ace was ON all night. He just played so great. I wound up in the FRONT
ROW!!!!!!!! It was not hard to sneak up there. LOL IT was awesome!!!! I
loved it. I took pictures and everything. Unfortunately, there was a
stage jumper near the end. There was a scuffle with a couple of guards
with the stage jumper. Then the jumper got to shake hands with Gene and
Paul and Paul announced something like " the next jumper will get their
ass kicked."   Well, Ace saw me in the front row and gave me the
thumbs up during 100 000 years. He also threw me his towel , BUT
HOWEVER, some ASSHOLE stole it from me. I was very upset. I mentioned it
to my friends and well, guess what happened the next night?..... 

April 5, 2001 ( Melbourne) 

I was so depressed after the previous nights show that I only stayed at
the after show party at the Mercury Lounge ( at the Crown Casino) for a
few minutes. The band showed up but went to a VIP section. Anyway, I had
an eleventh row seat and I just was wondering, how in the hell was I
going to get up front? There were no tickets better than mine available
( there were tons available but nothing better). So , at the show, I
walked down to my "seat " and this guard moved and I just kept on
walking and right to the front row!!!! This time I was on Ace's side. (
I was on Gene's side the previous night.) During the show, Ace came out
and threw me a towel , which I got. ( There is much more to the story
but as I previously said, I am holding back the details for personal
reasons.) I took pictures too.. 

THis was another great show also.   The Medley was phenomenal!!!! IT
included Mr SPeed, STrutter, Rocket RIde, She Parasite, Makin Love, and
Goin Blind. Gene was getting pissed at Ace. He said something like ,
"Anything more from the Ace Frehley band?" LOL The whole band played

April 6th, 2001 Sydney 

Ran into Gene at the Star CIty Casino. Introduced myself. He knew me
before I could finish my name!!!! LOL 

Ran into Eric and Ace at about 1:30am. . Eric told Ace about my dog. I
showed the picture of my dog to Shannon , Ace's girlfriend as Ace was
tired and wanted to go up to his room. 

April 7, Sydney 

Good Show. Gene was his usual demon self. Paul sang great. Ace played
pretty good. Eric was great. The crowd was pretty lively. However,
security were real tight asses . Especially about cameras. UGh. The
medley was just kept to NY Groove, Makin Love, She and Parasite. 

April 8, Sydney 

SHow was good. Band was pretty good. But the audience was DEAD!!!!!!!
People above me were SITTING DOWN!!!! Paul Stanley shouted out something
like, "Get off your Australian Asses." "People up there sitting. Did you
come here to take a nap?" That was funny!!!   No medley. Also, Ace's
mike stand was up a bit too high so you had a hard time hearing him.
Anyway, good show. 

AT both shows, when Paul said, "When we come to Australia , we think
that all we see are kangaroos....." Ace hopped like a kangaroo. That was

On the way to soundcheck for the second Sydney show, Ace said, "Hi
Terri." Cool, huh? 

August 12, 2001 

My friend Noela and I drive down ( I flew into Brisbane and she picked
me up the day before.) to the Gold Coast. We check into our hotel,
Jupiters Casino ( whee the band also was staying.) and go down to the
loby to get something to eat and we run into Ace's guard. We chat. The
guard is waiting for Ace. After awhile, Ace and his girlfriend come down
and I greet both of them. I introduce Noela to both of them ( Noela is a
huge Ace fan) . I get an autograph for a friend who plays him in KISS
ARMY. I asked Ace for his opinion and Ace said, "Pretty Good." I got my
picture taken with him ( Tried to get noela in but the wires got mixed
up. LOL). THen he had to leave. 
I ran into him later that night at the Casino. I met up with Eric SInger
later and then I saw Ace with Shannon and Eric in the Casino and I
watched them gamble. At one point, Ace saw me and waved to me. 

April 13, 2001 

I am up and around. Noela's friend shows up and I go downstairs and I
see the band leave for soundcheck. I say hi to Tommy Thayer. The band
comes down. Paul just goes by. Gene comes down, and I get my picture
with him. I speak to Eric for a minute. They all leave. Ace comes down,
shannon waves to me. Ace looked like he was Up too late. LOL 

I see Ace's guard later, who introduced me to the band's hairdresser. 

The show itself was a great show. There were fireworks during PC and
RARAN. The band played great. During the first few tunes, Ace was a bit
off , but from Talk to Me to the end, he gave a solid perfomance. 

After the show, I ran into all the members. I spoke to Eric a littlle
bit. There was an after party for the band at this CHinese restaurant
and you should have seen all the fans outside, looking in. WHen Gene
came out, they practically clung to him like bees . LOL I was standing
about 100 feet from all this . IT was funny to watch. Paul blew me off
when I tried to speak to him . He just said, "Hi HOw are you." and kept
on walking. Too busy to pick up some blonde to bring back to the party. 

I saw Ace after he came out of the restaurant and I embraced both him
and shannon and said my good byes and that was it. I wished Ace a happy
birthday and that was it. 

Hope you enjoyed it. 

Keep Rockin'
Terri Diane Bey and Ace Frehley the Beagle

Ace Frehley RULES!!!!!

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Thanks to Terri for the report


E. Rutherford


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