KISS - Budokan March 2003
Review by Per Zetterlund

Here are some observations from the Budokan shows - 2nd and 3rd night. I am off to the Yokohama show tomorrow morning. These are just some random observations, not really a review as the set list etc has been posted elsewhere. Overall I had an awesome time, as always during  Kiss shows, nothing beats the feeling when the curtain falls and they rip into Deuce, hell I had tears in my eyes. Sure, it would have been  even better if Ace had been there, or if Peter's drumming had been at a somewhat higher level, and if they had changed the set list a bit, but nonetheless, a one hell of a show. Sorry about the sloppy typing, this
is done in a bit of a haste.

It was quite funny during Cold Gin when Gene is supposed to lick Ace's
neck - Tommy didn't seem to be to keen on that, and they were all laughing around on stage, and at the end no licking occurred.

Forever sounded really good - it was not acoustic, but a pretty heavy version, like during the Hot in the Shade tour minus the keyboards.

Peters drumming: Really bad - many fans I spoke too noticed. He really messed up Deuce on the 3rd night, and also Let me go RnR on the 2nd night. His timing is just "off", and he keeps leaving out fills, and whenever there is a "difficult" passage (like the big drum roll in IWMFLY), Paul or Gene need to sort of give him a cue - its pathetic.

They should get Eric Singer; sure it's the best to have the originals, but face it the guy really cant play anymore and it drags the whole show down. He also managed to mess up the intro to Strutter on day 3, well not really mess it up, but Paul introduced the song, and it took forever before Peter did the drum roll. This was the song just after Deuce (which he messed up really badly), and after that he was turning around on his stool, talking to someone behind him, and Gene was up by the podium speaking to him and showing gestures, clearly expressing his displeasure. Its truly amazing how such a bad drummer can be the drummer in such a good band.

3nd nite: During Beth Peters microphone kept cutting out - I thought some roadie would come running out with a new one, but noone did. It was pretty bad, ruined Beth completely. As the song ended, Peter threw the mike on the floor in disgust and stormed off the stage (served him right cuz he played like crap all nite if you ask me).

Tommy appeared a bit shy on stage, and at one point during Cold Gin when he is supposed to be in the limelight Gene motioned for him to move up to the front of the center stage (while exchanging smiles). Tommy was introduced by Paul (along with the rest of the band) on night no. 2 (unlike in Melbourne apparently). The audience basically received Tommy with open arms - all this talk about "they cant pull this off without Ace etc" has little to do with reality over here in Japan that's for sure. I guess we`ll see if its any different in the US.

I was hanging out at their hotel (where the Stones were also staying 
I saw Mick Jagger walking through the lobby, a one skinny little dude) during the afternoons before shows 2 and 3. On day 2, they all left the hotel (all 4 of them) in a small cheap looking van (no limos in sight), in street clothes, and on the 3rd day, Peter was in a separate van with some blond woman, while the other three and some very young looking Japanese girls were in the other van.

Paul was quite funny at one point - he asked the audience the usual "are you tired yet?", then Gene came towards him, so he asked Gene "are YOU tired?", then Gene came up to Pauls microphone and said something (it escapes me now what he said), and Paul said (while laughing) "I didn't know you could speak!".anyways it was funny at the time.

Paul said that they will come back and play Japan again.

They used a new backing tape for Beth - notably it contained a monotonous drum. It sounded as if this may have been recorded during the Symphony, but I cant say for sure as I wasn't in Melbourne.

Paul stpped before Love Gun (he flew) to tie his boots - while he was doing this, Gene was holding the mike so Paul could speak while working on his boots, and he said something like "now heres your chance to take a good look at Gene's ass", no reaction from Gene, then the mike was handed to Tommy who greeted the audience and said how happy he was to be there playing.

During Firehouse, Pauls mike stopped working, and he knocked it to the ground in a fit of rage and moved over to Gene's side.



Thanks to Per for the report


Unholy Downunder (also by Matt)

E. Rutherford


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