Donington '96 - 17th August


Gene at Donington '96

On August 17th, after 10 hours of standing around, I finally got to see KISS live at Donington '96. Unfortunately Bruce and Eric weren't there, but I guess we can't have it all our own way. This page contains a few reviews of Donington from several different fans.

Paul and Ace at Donington '96

Review By JJ (

Hello everyone

So this unique Monsters Of Rock event in Donington has passed by last 
saturday, and I was one of the happy persons to be in the front rows. 
me give you a short review of it.

After a long day of waiting KISS appeared finally at about 21:20, after 
10m sized KISS dolls grew up at the right side of the stage and a few 
big fires in the back have been lighted. They were late, it seemed that 
there had been stage problems. Smoking machine and keyboards were 
on the wrong side short before the show started! The stage looked 
modern styled, the logo was kind of a mixture between the 76 and 78 
logo. Below the logo they have installed a big video screen, filling half 
the stage.

They started with Deuce. The sound was very clear although it was loud, 
really loud like we all need it and love it. King of the night time world 
followed. Paul seemed to be nervous, wasnt even able to sing the first 
phrase but the crowd helped him out of this and sang it all. But then he 
sounded great, too. It all seemed to pass by extremely fast, although 
they played the songs almost in original speed (not like they did in 84 
or 88). So they played Do You Love Me, Let Me Go Rock And Roll, Shout It 
Out Loud, Love Gun, Firehouse (with usual Gene's fire breathing), God Of 
Thunder with Gene spitting blood & flying on the top of the 20m high 
stage, Shock Me with Ace's smoking guitar solo, 100'000 Years with 
Peter's drum solo, which sounded different to any drum solo I've heard 
of Peter, but interesting too, although it was slower than earlier. Watching 
You, Calling Dr. Love, Strutter were other smashers, and Ace sang the 
part 2 of Cold Gin.

As there were press people photographing around for the first few songs, 
one man did not leave the press stage and shot pictures for two more 
songs. Paul was very angry about that and signed him different times to 
leave the stage.

I did not like Ace's playing. It was not always correct, sometimes too 
slow or he even missed some notes. Peter did his job straight, tight and 
steady. Paul was nervous but did a real great guitar playing and 

Gene was happy like always and did his show with professionality. After 
Black Diamond and 1 hour and 30 minutes the show was already over. They 
just appeared for Detroit Rock City and Rock And Roll All Nite with the 
raising bottoms where KISS moved 2m above the crowd.

And that's it. A great show, steady, tough, but much too short! A 7 
minute firework followed, but KISS did not appear again. They didn't 
even play Beth, I Stole Your Love, Nothing To Lose, Hotter Than Hell, Cmon 
And Love Me or Makin' Love. I was a little bit disappointed as I came 
from Switzerland to see them in Donington. There was something missing 
and I dont know what. The usual kick that grows up during a show 
between the kids and the masters didnt exist. Was it because of the fans that 
didnt all come to see KISS but some of the other 12 new bands? Or was 
it because they learned about the decision of Bruce and Eric to leave KISS? 
Anyway, we loveem in good or bad times and as long as there is KISS we 
keep alive! And, KISSers:

So take care of you and KEEP KISSIN

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