Washington DC / Virginia Beach - 24/25 July 2004
Review & Pictures by Kerri Evans

Just got back from one the most amazing experiences of my life!! Two KISS shows back to back with Platinum passes. 

My story starts a few months ago when I first had the idea of going back to the USA to see KISS. I suggested the idea to my boyfriend who's immediate answer was - "are you crazy, you wanna spend all that money on going to see KISS!!" This was before I even suggested the idea of Platinum $1000 apiece tickets. So I gave up on the whole plan since I didn't fancy going over on my own again as I did last year. I then saw that Dressed To Kill were playing a gig in Stourbridge which I dragged him along to, not knowing that he would leave there being an enormous KISS fan. So, as you do on the way home from the gig I said - "now can we go to the US to see KISS?" - "OK" was the answer. Can I spend $1000 each on tickets to meet the band - "Urmmmm, OK" again, yes I was totally shocked so booked the tickets the same night without him having to think about it any more.

An amazing coincidence also happened before the gig when I was buying a Peter Criss Mego doll on ebay from Billy Coxon who just happened to also have Platinum tickets for Washington DC, so that's where he comes into our adventure.

We arrived at the venue about three hours early, since all week I could think about nothing other that getting to this gig on time and in one piece - the opposite for the year before - but that's a whole other story. The first thing you realise is how amazing the atmosphere is for a KISS show before you even enter the venue, and how friendly everyone is, especially when you tell them you have travelled all the way from England to be here. I still had no idea where my seats would be until I picked them up from the will call box office only to find I had front row Gene's side. We then had to meet all the other Platinum people to get our photos taken on the stage, and who do I spot Billy (our first meeting) who coincidently has a ticket sitting next to me!! We get back stage and the first thing I see is Eric Singer leaning against the railing not yet made up, a bit shocked my this I just walked past and said - "hey!" And carried on. We didn't have long before we were ushered back to the main arena area for Z02 and Poison. 

After Poisons set a KISS curtain was put in front of the stage, no sooner than about 20 minutes later the curtain dropped and you here the so familiar sound of "You wanted the best, you got the best, the hottest band in the world, KISS!!!" The stage set was amazing from start to finish, not one point did I feel tired from jumping to classic KISS songs. I was so close to the stage I could touch it, and I could see things that you never dreamed of being close enough to see. Like Paul Stanley hold his boots together with gaffer tape, and every time Gene sticks out his tongue - he dribbles. They also announced that this show would be recorded for a DVD that they will be releasing later in the year, which made it even more amazing. 


During the show I had almost forgot that this was it…..the day I meet KISS, finally. So as I'm walking out the arena to the backstage area I start feeling the nerves. We got backstage and had about 20 minutes to wait for the boys to come out. In they walk, larger than life and immediately everyone starts clapping and we get into taking the photos. That's when I feel my heart start to race to 500 miles per hour, so I worked my way to the back of the line in hope I would be a little less obviously excited and nervous when my turn for photos came. So I start walking up, not thinking and just grabbed Paul and put my arms around him and I here Eric saying - "how come Paul always gets all the hugs?" So I walk off after the two photos, except Paul doesn't let go and follows me around the room and pretends to hump my leg - fine by me!! My first item to get signed my Paul Mego doll, which he thought was funny. I think I have the worlds smallest signature. Next up - Gene, he was busy talking to someone and didn't look at me when I handed him something to sign, then glances at me when he hands it back. Then he doubled taked me, and starts rubbing my ears and said - "do you know who you look like, a woman I used to live with, her name was Cher"! Gene then put his arm around me and walking me around the room introducing me to all the other fans as Cher. I had a brief conversation with both Tommy and Eric, although all the questions I had planned to ask, didn't get asked. I spend most of my time backstage silent and just starring, which I regret.

End of the day, but still the adventure wasn't over. The next morning the three of us prepared for our four hour drive to Virginia Beach. Again, we were about three hours early, so decided to go to the local mall and spend $500 in Spencer's on KISS. You name it, if it had KISS written on it, we brought it! I think the people behind the desk thought we were a little crazy.

We got to the venue and found that we were second row, Paul's side. You cannot get much better than that, this time I was even more excited that the night before. On walks the band and first one to spot me was Tommy who smiled and waved from the stage at me. I thought the band had a lot more energy than the night before and Tommy seemed to enjoy himself more. I saw Paul make eye contact with me in the middle of the show, so I shouted - "throw me a pick". Now I have no idea what he thought I said, but I didn't get a pick, instead I got him licking his lips and thrusting his hips at me - again, fine by me!! Gene also spotted me and pointed at me and smiled, I half expected him to shout - Cher!

We left wishing we had another to go the next day, so already I am planning my next trip to the US to see them again. Now, even more of a KISS fan if that is possible, I recommend Platinum experience to everyone. It seems unreal until you get your photos mailed to you and see you were really there. I could probably type for hours about my two day experience, and show you many of the 300 photos that I took - but I'll leave you with a few words of wisdom - KISS still live to be the most amazing band - rock on, you guys are the greatest.







Love Gun
Makin' Love
Lick It Up
All The Way (with Tommy guitar solo)
Got To Choose
I Love It Loud
Love Her All I Can
I Want You
Psycho Circus
War Machine (Gene breathes fire)
100, 000 Years
Unholy (Gene bass solo, blood, and flies)
Shout It Out Loud
I Was Made For Lovin' You (Paul flies)
Detroit Rock City

God Gave Rock And Roll To You II
Rock And Roll All Night

Virginia Beach
KISS added "Tears Are Falling", "Christine 16", "She", and "King Of The Night Time World" to the 
DC set.


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Thanks to Kerri for the review and  pictures.








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