Comic Relief 2005
KISSin' UK Editor dons the make-up at last! - 11th March 2005

It had to happen one day, I've been waiting years to slap on the grease paint.... Yesterday was Comic Relief 2005, and in order to help make some someone at work suggested we dressed up as KISS... so of course I jumped at the chance!!!

Left to right: Ian (Peter), Simon (Ace), me (Paul), Mark (Gene)

It was an early 5AM start to get my face ready, using tips from Hotter Than Hell's 'Ace' (thanks Trev!) and lipstick tips from Wendy (hey, I've never done this before) I slapped on the Starchilds face and drove to work (scaring an old woman walking her dog in the process).

With the help of our make-up and nail technicians (Trish & Sam) all 4 of us were ready by 9:30 and spent most of the day collecting for Comic Relief. In total we raised around 500 which wasn't bad going for a bunch of freaks in make-up!

More pictures:-

First time I've ever got away with a KISS T-shirt at work!

C'mon, shake yer bucket! (Pic: Stephen M)

Me, Simon, Ian & Mark




Thanks to:
Ian, Simon & Mark
Sam & Trish (make-up & nails!)
Stephen (for 3rd picture).

Plus Wendy for lipstick tips(!) and Hotter Than Hells Trevor for make-up tips.

Finally thanks to Fantasia in Corby for digging out the Clown White make-up at the last minute.





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