Copenhagen - 27th April 2005

Thanks to Dan Bach, Fraser Munro & Andy Geeves for providing these photos, scans and review from their recent trip to Copenhagen to see ESP play live.

First the Eric Singer / John Corabi interview (Thanks to Dan Bach):-
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Part 1 First 5 minutes of interview (700KB Windows Media Audio)
Part 2 Next 5 minutes (620KB Windows Media Format)
Part 3 Dan talks to John and Eric about Union, Alice Cooper and Twisted Sister (575KB Windows Media Format)
Part 4 Final part of interview (675KB Windows Media Format)

Here's a review of the show from Andy Geeves:

First i must say a big thank you to my fellow travelers DAN (tacky shop) BACH and FRASER (fountains) MUNROE. The trip starts with breakfast at the enfield branch of the kiss army then a short drive to Stanstead airport. After about a hours flight to Copenhagen we took a train to the central station then a short walk to our hotel for the next 2 days. We start with evening dinner at the hard rock cafe (no kiss stuff on display) the next day a early start with breakfast then a short tour of Copenhagen to find the famous mermaid statue. Which was a bit of a let down.
Then we went to find the venue for the gig that night. After we found the venue we met a couple of other fans from sweden then somehow with big thanks to a guy to do with the band we sit in on the sound check for about 40 mins. They didn't seem too happy with the house p.a. after they finished the sound check we get to have a  quick chat with john while the others went off to the hotel to get ready for the gig that night.

The support band were ok singing in a mix of Danish and English then esp come on and do a great set of covers from kiss/union/esp/motorhead and alice cooper. Chuck Garrick`s vocals were great on cold gin they also played (watching you) instead of jump. Bruce was on top form playing guitar, erics drumming top notch johns vocals and chucks great ba4ss playing. Lets hope we can get esp/union over to England sometime this year maybe the next Nottingham kiss expo? Overall the trip was worth all the traveling to Denmark for.

All the best andy (kiss army enfield) as dan calls me the old boy racer

Some more photos:






Thanks to:
Dan (set list & poster), Fraser (all other photos) & Andy (review).





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