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Event Review

Paul Stanley - Live To Win Tour
27/10/2006 - House Of Blues Atlantic City
28/10/2006 - New York Irving Plaza

[All live photos & Eric Carr photos by Billy Coxon, all others by Dan Bach]
Huge thanks to Billy & Dan

hi there guys and girls.....
Its Billy Coxon, well where do I start, its Thursday 26th October 2006 and the first wave of kiss fans arrive in New York city - myself, Dan Bach, Chris, Don and Garth....

On the first day we have tickets for the kiss - big screen viewing of the preview for the up and coming kissology dvd. This was a great start to this long weekend ahead, to see kiss live in cobo hall from January 1976 was really nice and to see this concert on the big cinema screen really reminded us all why we got into kiss in the 
first place...

well its Friday morning and with the first night over with we head for Atlantic City for the first Paul Stanley show of the weekend. The house of blues, Atlantic City is a really nice venue.......nice size with a good size stage. Paul was in a good mood on this night and very much on form throughout the show, the crowd were a bit on the tame and relaxed side, but all in all this was a really great night and show. Paul played a good mix of songs from his first and latest solo records and a good mix of kiss songs.

Well with the first show out of the way we leave Atlantic City and head back to New York for the next show - Irving Plaza, New York...... first got in to the venue and was not impressed with the size of it it was a bit on the small size. Paul back in his hometown 
delivers a very high energy show, on this night the crowd were very wild throughout the set. This was a very crazy high energy show from start to finish and the sound was far better this night than last nights show, Paul really delivered tonight giving the New York crowed fantastic show.........the set list for both shows were the same (please see below).

o.k. Sunday morning and with the Paul shows out of the way what to do next. Myself and dan bach traveled to new jersey to attend the chiller theatre Halloween extravaganza with special guest Peter Criss attending for a signing and photo session. Peter was in really high spirits on this day and made myself and dan very welcome and we both had a really great time there.

Well back in New York Sunday night and skidrow are playing a one off special show at the hard rock cafe in times square for a halloween night party. All five of us attend to this show free of charge with thanks going out to Eddie Trunk for putting us on to the guest list for the show. This really finished the weekend off for us making it one hell of a good night.

Monday morning and its the last day, myself and dan bach decided to travel to Newburgh, NY. to visit the resting place of the late Eric Carr. This is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time and to finally do it really dose it for me to end this great weekend in this way.


finally i just want t
o say thank you to every one .......billy coxon............ 

Paul Stanley set list

1. live to win
2. hide your heart
3. million to one
4. got to choose
5. move on
6. bulletproof
7. tonight you belong to me
8. lick it up
9. wouldn`t you like to know me
10. magic touch
11. i stole your love
12. strutter
13. every time I see you around. 
14. do you love me?
15. i want you
16. love gun
17. lift
18. detroit rock city.
19. goodbye.

Merchandise / misc Photos (Dan Bach)

KISS perfume advert

KISSOLOGY postcards (back & front)

Chiller Theatre Halloween Extravaganza (with Peter Criss)

Dan with Peter

Paul Stanley pic (Dan's pride & joy!)

Signed copy of Ken Kelly's reproduction of his first Destroyer drawing