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Event Review

Norway - 21/02/2009
Review & photos: Dan Hill

Where can I start. WELL, first I landed at Oslo Torp Airport, Norway. I went to pick up a car that had already been paid for. Unfortunately, I didn't have the same credit card that it was booked with, so now I'm stuck with no car and need to rely on public transport (all written in Norwegian!). Anyway, after 2 trains and a cold walk, I got to my hotel. By now, I only had 3 hours before I needed to get up for THE BIG DAY.

Saturday 21st February 2009 (also my birthday)...................
It was just a 25 minute bus ride from my hotel to the venue and needless to say, I was the first one there (by a long shot), but the staff let me in to watch them set the stage and stalls up. At 13.30, the doors opened and 200/300 KISS fans stormed the stalls to buy all types of merchandise. Needless to say (again), I spent a fortune. (it's like an addictive drug). Then at around 15.30, Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick arrived. They were doing signings and taking photo's for a couple of hours as the queue to meet them just kept growing. I managed to get a photo of them both holding an England flag with the ESP logo on, which I had made. Bruce wrote in my birthday card (it plays rock and roll all nite) then they both signed it for me. They also signed a couple of other things that I'd
taken and we had a few photo's together.

By about 18.00, they started a sound check while Chuck Garrick and John Corabi arrived. This was pretty cool to watch as they just had a laugh and jam for a while. At this point , the whole band signed my flag. A couple of hours passed and it was time for the first support act, a Norwegian band called Hostile Cell. They were very good but I couldn't
understand a word. Another good support act followed, Thunderbolt. Also very good and also Norwegian, so again, I couldn't understand a word.

Now it was time for ESP and I'm front row..........
They start with the KISS classic - Parasite, and then the Union song - Love (I don't need you anymore). At the end of this song, John Corabi held up my flag at the front of the stage and Chuck Garrick took a photo of it. Then they played - Under My Wheels (Alice Cooper) - Unholy (KISS) - Live Wire (motley Crue) - Domino (KISS) - War Machine (KISS) - Highway Star (Deep Purple) - Master and Slave (KISS) - Power To The Music (Motley Crue). At some point now, I got a picture of both Bruce and Chuck. Chuck and Eric left the stage while John and Bruce played an excellent version of the Union classic - I Wanna Be. This went down a treat with the crowd and then Bruce left the stage, leaving John to play the scream song - Man In The Moon. All the band then returned to the stage and hit off again with - Helter Skelter (The Beatles) - Ace Of Spades (Motorhead) & I Love It Loud (KISS). They all left the stage as the crowd chanted for more. They re-appeared once more, after a couple of minutes, for the encore which started with - Watchin You (KISS) - Black Diamond (KISS) - Tie Your Mother down (Queen), and ended the night with the KISS hit & classic - Shout It Out Loud. After the show, I was interviewed by a Norwegian newspaper who asked a few questions about my KISSTORY. They took a photo of me with my flag, which I now have off the website. I also got the set list and Chuck Garric's lyric sheets. However, the set list does not have Watchin You on it.

All in all, it was a great day and the best birthday ever. I met some cool people from Norway and Sweden. I also took over 200 photos so if anyone wants more pics, e-mail me at